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Focused on a specific topic, our subject guides can help you discover the resources you need.

Apps for Researchers

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Introducing Apps for our Databases  

We're pleased to be able to offer 3 distinct apps to you for download on your iOS or Android devices: 

  • Mango Languages for Libraries,  
  • EBSCOhost,
  • and AccessMyLibrary

are provided for free to use with our database subscriptions. These apps together give you access to 70+ databases on your mobile device. For more information please see our Apps For Researchers page.

Hot Topics

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News from the Reference Desk

We're Just Wild about Colo

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On December 22 the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium celebrated the birthday of Colo, the western lowland female gorilla that was born there in 1956.   Over the 59 years of her life thus far she has become one of the zoo’s most beloved members.  She now holds the title of the oldest gorilla born in a zoo anywhere in the world.Face of a baby gorilla similar to Colo

When you visit the zoo you can see photos of Colo when she was a newborn gorilla and read the story of her early life. Shortly after she was born the zoo held a contest to choose a name for her.  “Colo” won.  It is a shortened form of “Columbus, Ohio”. 

Reliable Health Information

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Health issues can be stressful, especially for those who have them. Whether you want to know more about an illness, a prescription drug, or what you can do to stay (or become) fit, the UAPL has many reliable resources, all of them in plain English for the many non-doctors among us. Even better, our new Gale Encyclopedia of Senior Health includes information for both seniors and their caretakers. Obviously, be sure to consult with a doctor first about any medical problems or changes to your lifestyle. Our resources can help you understand more about a surgery, make sense of a diagnosis, or find an exercise program that you can use:


The UA Archives: our digital initiative

UA Archives is the Upper Arlington Public Library’s digital library initiative. Through the UA Archives, the library partners with local organizations and individuals to digitally preserve our community’s historical resources and make them available online. You can use the UA Archives to:

Learn more or Visit the archives

Reference Services: About Us

Reference Services: (614) 486-3342
Manager: Mark Mangini

Whether you are looking for magazine & newspaper articles, online databases, quality Internet sites, or business, career, or consumer information, our reference librarians are eager to help.

Our skilled staff will guide you through the maze of resources available in the library and online. They can help you find everything from the price of a used car to the chemical structure of saccharine.

Visit us downstairs at our Tremont Road location, send us your question using the E-mail Reference contact form, or call us at (614) 486-3342.

Reference Services

Reference Databases & Periodicals Our online databases & reference eBooks provide instant access to thousands of magazines, newspapers, and professional journals—as well as business and investment, science, history, literature, and genealogical sources. Most of these databases are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from your home or office.
Recommended Internet Sites Our reference librarians have assembled a list of reliable Internet sites. Simply browse these sites by category to find the information you need.
E-mail Reference Our e-mail reference service provides answers to brief, factual questions within 24 hours, excluding holidays. For more involved questions please visit the Reference Department, or call us at (614) 486-3342.
Test Proctoring As part of our mission to encourage lifelong learning, the library offers free test proctoring to students when possible. This service is available through the Reference Department at the Main Library.