Membership and Borrowing Policies

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Membership & Library Card Policies

General Policies

  • Please have your card number or ID with you when checking out Library materials.
  • Verification of current address is required. (You must be an Ohio resident.) Please inform the Library if you change your name, address or phone number, or if your card is lost. You can also update your account online through “My Account” using your library card number and PIN.
  • Library cards are available to children under 18 years old when accompanied by a caregiver or legal guardian.
  • UAPL considers it the responsibility of the caregiver or guardian to approve the nature of materials borrowed by minors.
  • You are financially responsible for all items checked out on your card until they are checked back in.
  • A balance of $10 or more will prevent any activity on your library card including checkouts and renewals.
  • Items checked out at UAPL on a participating CLC library card will be subject to UAPL Circulation policies and item limits.

Please refer to the SearchOhio and OhioLINK page for information on borrowing terms, fines and fees for those services.


Loan Periods / Limits / Accounts

This schedule does not apply to SearchOhio and OhioLINK items. Please refer to the 
SearchOhio and OhioLINK page for information on borrowing terms, fines and fees for those services.
Item Loan Period Limit Per Card
Book2Go 7 Days 1
Book 28 Days *
New Book 14 Days *
Book Club in a Bag 56 Days
Book On CD 28 Days *
CD 14 Days *
Charging Kit In-House Use Only 1
DVD2Go 2 Days 2
DVD/Blu-ray 7 Days *
eBook (Digital Downloads) 3 – 21 Days 25
HDTV Antenna 7 Days 1 per Type
Hoopla – Audiobooks 21 Days
Hoopla – Movies & TV 3 Days
Hoopla – Music 7 Days
Kanopy – Movies 7 Days
Light Therapy Lamp 28 Days 1
Magazine 7 Days *
Pamphlet 28 Days 10
Video Games 7 Days 3
Vinyl Record 14 Days 5
Youth Discovery Kit 28 Days
* You can check out a maximum of 100 items on your card. Up to 50 of these can be Media items (DVD, Blu Ray, Audio CD). † Each cardholder can check out up to 10 titles total per month. The count is reset on the first of each month.
  • A balance of $10 or more will prevent any activity on your library card including checkouts and renewals.
  • Fees are payable by cash, check, credit card or online through “My Account” using library card number and PIN.

Account Management

The Upper Arlington Public Library offers patrons several ways to manage their accounts:

  • In person by providing library card or Photo ID.
  • By phone providing library card number to staff.
  • By phone using our automated system (1-877-77-BOOKS); library card number and Personal Identification Number (PIN) required.
  • Online through “My Account” using library card number and PIN.
  • Through the UA Library app (iOS | Android).

Patrons are given a receipt or e-receipt that lists the due dates of materials when they are checked out. It is the responsibility of the patron to ensure these materials are returned on or before the date indicated. The Upper Arlington Public Library makes every effort to notify patrons when materials are overdue or fines are owed. The timeline for these notifications follows.

Timeline for notifications

E-Mail/Text NoticesAll Notices
1 day before due date: Reminder notice / autorenewal – to assist in returning item(s) or renewing items on or before the due date.7 days past due: Overdue notice.
1 day past due: Overdue notice28 days past due: Billing notice – you are charged the cost of the item(s) past due. 
14 days past due: Overdue notice45 days past billing date: Sent to collection agency if more than $100 in material costs is owed. A non-negotiable fee of $10 is added to your account to cover the costs of the collection service.


Collection Agency – Unique Management Services

Unique Management Services makes several attempts by letter and by telephone to encourage patrons to return overdue materials and pay all charges due. The timeline after an account has been assigned to the collection agency follows.

  • 1-7 days: Letter sent.
  • 21 days: Letter sent.
  • 35-49 days: Phone contact.
  • 65 days: Letter sent.
  • 78-91 days: Phone contact.


  • The library will attempt to automatically renew eligible items.
  • Most items are renewable up to 10 times, if no other patron has the item on reserve.
  • Phone renewals are available. Call any library location during business hours. Have your library card number ready when you call.
  • Automated phone renewals are available by calling 1-877-77-BOOKS (toll-free); you will need your card number and PIN.
  • Online renewals may be made through “My Account” or the UA Library app using library card number and PIN.

Reserves / Holds

  • Many library items can be reserved by phone, in person, online, by e-mail, or through the Library app.
  • Patrons must have an updated UAPL library card or a library card from a participating CLC library.
  • The requester will be notified by their choice of phone, e-mail, or text message to pick up reserved material by a specific date and at a specific location.
  • Reserves are held for 5 days for pickup.

Book Drops / Returns

  • Book drops are located at all three library locations.
  • Book drops are open 24 hours for your convenience.
  • Caution is advised when returning videos, DVDs, CDs. Please secure items placed in the bookdrop.
  • Materials can be returned to any Upper Arlington Public Library location or any CLC library. Find the closest library.

Teacher Cards

Any full-time or part-time teacher living or working in Upper Arlington can apply. This privilege extends to homeschoolers in the Upper Arlington School District and those teaching in a public, private or parochial school in Upper Arlington. 

Stop by any UAPL location to apply. Please bring proof of teaching employment, such as a recent pay stub, or approval letter from school district for current homeschooling year. 

The teacher card is to be used for classroom items only. Teachers receive special consideration for select lost or damaged items (limitations apply).

E-Cards for Digital Access

Do you need access to our databases but the library is closed?

If you already have a library card with us, you don’t need a separate e-card to borrow electronic materials. If you don’t have a card, and only wish to borrow digital materials, you can apply and get an e-card immediately.

You will have access to our databases for research purposes. You can also download books, movies, music, and magazines without accruing fines.

If  you decide later that you would like to have full access to everything the library has to offer, come in to the library with a picture ID and verification of address and we can issue you a full access card to replace your E-Card.

To apply for an E-Card, please go to our signup page and check the E-Card option.

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