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The world of sports is vast and varied. Sports of all kinds arouse passion in the spectator and heroic feats in the athlete. Team sports can stir loyalty and camaraderie that cannot be experienced in any other way. Individual sports engender self-confidence, poise, strength and exhilaration. Both types foster a spirit of competition, not to mention a feeling of fun! 

From the professional to the amateur, every culture and every era has its favorite sports. The librarians in the Reference Department of the Upper Arlington Public Library have selected a few winning strategies to coach you to gold medal research on the topic.

Indexes / Databases

The following are part of the Upper Arlington Public Library’s premium resources. Unless you are in one of our library locations, you will need your library card number and PIN in order to access them. 

Gale in Context: Opposing Viewpoints – Read a variety of viewpoints on some of the many controversial issues that come up when sports are involved, including articles on steroids, injuries, college athletics and much more.

Gale Reference eBooks – Search the UA Library’s entire collection of eReference titles for your sports-related topic. With eBooks covering history, law, pop culture, health, and more, there is plenty of information to be found here.

Reference Resources

Located in the Reference Room of the Main Library is an extensive collection of reference books covering a variety of sports, including information on rules, history, statistics, records and more. Below are just a few examples of titles you will find in the collection.

Sports research can also be done using the library’s collection of general reference books, which include:

Journals / Magazines

The following are some of the sports-related magazines in UA Library’s collection, which are available for checking out.

Archives / Special Collections

Ohio Room

The Ohio Room in the Reference Department of the Main Library is home to several books covering Upper Arlington, Columbus and Ohio Sports, including such titles as:

Also, check out UA Library Reference Department’s collection of newspaper clippings and magazine articles that cover sports history in Upper Arlington, Columbus and Ohio. See a librarian to access this collection.

Primary Sources in Sports History

The Reference Department retains many years of back issues and/or microfilm to some popular news and entertainment magazines containing historically valuable information written during important events and time periods, including Sports Illustrated going back to 1958. See a Reference Librarian for help finding specific articles.


The following are just a few librarian-recommended websites for finding information about local and national sports.


Ohio Sports Teams

  • Cincinnati Bengals                                                                                                               
  • Cincinnati Reds                                                                 
  • Cleveland Browns                                                            
  • Cleveland Cavaliers                                                             
  • Cleveland Guardians                                                            
  • Columbus Clippers                                                          
  • Columbus Crew                                                                                
  • Columbus Blue Jackets                                                  
  • Ohio State Buckeyes

Sports Museums in Ohio

Search Starters

Besides the various subject headings listed below, a wealth of information on sports topics can be found by typing in a specific sport, such as swimming, football, bicycling, etc. For a list of materials the UA Library has on general sports subjects, click on some of the following links.

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