Spiritual Wellness

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Spiritual Wellness

Spiritual wellness focuses on the ability to actively seek meaning and purpose in life. Spiritual wellness involves taking purposeful actions to better understand your beliefs and values and making a commitment to living a life that is well aligned with those values and beliefs. This guide will help you find resources on a variety of topics related to spiritual wellness including being open to different cultures and religions, spending time alone or in personal reflection, yoga, meditation and mindfulness.

Research Databases

The following are part of the Upper Arlington Public Library’s premium resources. Unless you are in one of our library locations, you will need your library card number and PIN in order to access them.

Alt Health Watch
Provides access to many perspectives on complementary, holistic, and integrated approaches to healthcare and wellness, including peer-reviewed articles.

Religion & Philosophy Collection
Covers religion and philosophy, including world religions, major denominations, biblical studies, epistemology, moral philosophy, the history of philosophy, and more.

Search Starters

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Research Materials

These materials are available through the Upper Arlington Public Library. The following books and magazines can be found in the Research Department of the Tremont Road Branch, while e-books can be be accessed anywhere with an internet connection and your UA Library card number and PIN.


Gale Reference eBooks on Spiritual Wellness
Includes full online access to the following titles (click on the titles to access):


These materials are available for use in the Research Department of the Tremont Road Branch. Click on the links for more location information.


The following are several spiritual and religion-related titles that are available at the Upper Arlington Public Library. Click on the links to find and request certain issues from the library’s catalog.


These recommended websites are chosen as reliable sources for information related to Spiritual Wellness.

General Resources

Local Resources


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