Job Help for Teens

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Job Help for Teens

Are you a teen interested in getting a job, but don’t know where to start? The resources below will help guide you through the process, with information on the rules and limitations for minors in the workplace, ideas for jobs you may enjoy, and resources to help you land that perfect job. 

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What job can I get?

The type of job you are allowed to get depends on your age. Those under age 14 are most limited to jobs they can work, including informal work like delivering newspapers and babysitting.

At age 14 and up, the types of jobs you can get open up a lot! For instance, you can work in grocery or retail stores, restaurants, lawn care, recreation, and much more. However, there may still be things to take under consideration depending on your age. Here are some sites that outline federal and state laws regarding teen workers:

What do I want to do?

Now that you know the laws about teens getting jobs, it’s time to figure out what you want to do! The following sites offer some ideas of jobs that are good for teens.

Searching for Jobs

Looking online for jobs is one of the easiest ways to find openings! If the business or organization you are interested in working for has a website, go to it and look for employment opportunities. There are also job-searching websites that allow you to search for positions that hire teens. Here are some examples.

Other ways to find job opportunities:

  • Networking! Talk to your family, friends, teachers, guidance counselors, and others who may know of opportunities for you. This is especially useful for finding informal jobs for younger workers, like babysitting and lawn work.
  • Use your online connections on social media to discover job opportunites. However, keep in mind you should manage your privacy settings or clean up your profile to show only what will make you look good to a potential employer.
  • Check in person with local stores and restaurants that may not advertise job openings online.

Applying for Jobs, Creating Your Resume, and Preparing for the Interview

Once you find a job you are interested in pursuing, the next steps you take will determine how successful you are in getting hired. The following resources offer great tips for applying to jobs, writing your resume, and preparing for your interview.

Search Starters

Want a little more help in landing that job? You can find books and other material in the UA Library’s catalog that will help you with searching for a job, preparing a resume, getting ready for an interview, and more! Click on a subject below to start your search.

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