2023 Annual Report

2023 Annual Report

What an amazing year it was at the Upper Arlington Public Library! And it’s all thanks to your support in passing the 2022 operating levy. Because of you, we’ve made some incredible changes and set the stage for even better things to come.

First up, we made sure our staff are fairly compensated. We looked at what other local libraries and companies are paying, and we bumped up our salaries to match. After lots of research and help from experts, we boosted the average salary by 16%. Plus, we made sure our long-serving staff got the recognition they deserve with raises based on their years of service.

Next, we teamed up with HBM Architects and Interior Designers to plan for the future of our buildings. They did a thorough check-up, listing what repairs were urgent and how much they’d cost. We also took a good look at how we’re using our space and asked you, the community, for ideas on how to make it better. Thanks to your input, we’re making sure our library stays a welcoming and useful place for everyone.

When we checked out how many items people were borrowing without counting renewals, it told us what they really liked. In 2023, we noticed a big jump in the number of books borrowed compared to the last eight years. What’s amazing is that adults are borrowing books way more than movies – almost twice as much! This tells us that folks really love reading, whether it’s from physical books or eBooks, and it shows how much our library is loved for its reading materials.

Borrowing statistics by material column chart
Circulation of library materials 2016-2023

It was also our biggest year for events and programs! There was always something going on at the Library: farm and zoo animal visits, kitten and goat yoga, author events, storytimes, live music, a mystery dinner, lectures, summer and winter reading, and an explosion of holiday and summer fun.

Last year was a big deal for us at the Upper Arlington Public Library because we started getting money from the levy that passed in May 2022. With that extra cash, we set aside $1.2 million in a fund to fix up our building. This money is going towards getting ready for some major repairs and replacing stuff that needs fixing. It’s all part of making sure our library stays in good shape for everyone to enjoy.

2023 Revenue

Public Library Fund

$ 3,223,281

Property Tax Levy

$ 5,635,203


$ 527,667

Total Revenue

$ 9,386,157

2023 Expenditures

Salaries and Benefits

$ 4,826,976

Library Materials

$ 851,152

Utilities, Other

$ 1,176,848

Total Expenditures

$ 6,854,976


Building Improvement Fund Transfer


$ 1,200,000

Total after Transfer

$ 8,054,976

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