Taxes 2023

The following information will help get you started on doing your taxes. The deadline for filing your taxes this year is Monday, April 15, 2024.

Librarians are happy to direct people to tax information and locate specific forms, but please note: Library employees cannot give out tax advice or answer specific tax questions. All of the UA Library branches will receive a limited amount of IRS Form 1040 and instructions for distribution. Other tax forms and instructions can be printed from our public computers at a cost of 10¢ per page.

For assistance getting tax forms from the library, please stop by or call UAPL Research Department (614-486-9621, Option 4; or 614-486-3342), or email us at

Please note: Links will be updated as 2023 tax forms are released.

Federal Taxes

The following are quick links to important information on the Internal Revenue Service’s site (

  • IRS Forms and Publications – Print out your federal tax forms by following the link. (Note: Certain forms cannot be downloaded from this site for tax filing, such as 1099, W-2, 5498, and a few others. To obtain these forms, you can order them directly from the IRS online, or place an order by phone at 1-800-829-3676.)
  • Form 1040 Information – Find information about IRS Form 1040, and what schedules you may need.
  • Free File – Everyone is eligible to e-file their federal income taxes at no charge, either by using brand-name software or online forms, depending on income.
  • Where to File your federal individual tax returns (Ohio)
  • Where’s My Refund? – This year should be the same as past years, in that most people eligible for a refund will get it within 21 days, and sometimes faster by e-filing. Follow the instructions on this site after you file to get an idea when you will receive your refund.

Most Requested Forms

State Taxes

Most Requested Forms 

Local Taxes

City of Upper Arlington Tax Filing

  • Regional Income Tax Agency (RITA) Individual Tax Filing –  Upper Arlington, along with many other municipalities, has their residents file their city taxes through RITA, either online, by mail, or through their drop-off service.
  • RITA FastFile  – For those ready to file their local taxes in one sitting, RITA offers this online service. 


  • Columbus Income Tax Division – Get the forms and information you need if you are required to file Columbus City income tax.
  • Columbus Tax Facts – Are you required to file a Columbus City Income Tax return? Find out here by answering three simple questions. (FYI: Upper Arlington and Columbus both have the same income tax rate of 2.5%)

Most Requested Forms

Tax Help

Tax Questions and Filing Assistance

Follow the links to find out out about in-person assistance, as well as contact information to get tax help remotely.

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