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Written by Published on Mon, 10/24/2016 - 8:27pm

Patricia Polacco's new book is about a woman named Annie.  All the important events in her life happen on Thursday. She was born on a Thursday, met the love of her life on a Thursday and opened her restaurant on a Thursday.  After her husband passes away and she closes the diner (not on Thursday), life becomes sad until she finds a small kitten, on a Thursday.  Her life begins to turn around, all because of her cat, whom she named Thursday.  This is a whimsical and humorous story.  Fans of Patricia Polacco won't be disappointed.   

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It's Halloween and Turkey and his barnyard pals really want some of that delicious candy the farmers are handing out.  But candy is for children, not for farm animals!  Turkey and his friends must come up with some clever costumes to trick the farmers into giving them some Halloween treats.  

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This book examines different ways that people around the world can move away from consumerism to more sustainable lifestyles. What does this mean exactly? This book examines how people might modify their buying habits. For example, there is a chapter on the “moneyless man”, who barters for goods and services. In addition, the book encourages readers to seek out alternative modes of energy and production. This book will certainly generate conversation and debate on social and environmental issues. Recommended for grades 4-7.

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