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Written by Published on Tue, 06/21/2016 - 4:47pm

A biography of the young Romanian gymnast describes some of the ways her energy got her into trouble as a child, how she became involved in gymnastics, and how practice and determination led her to become an Olympic champion.  An inspirational tale for all ages 5 years and up.  

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Written by Published on Wed, 06/15/2016 - 1:16pm

This cookbook is packed with tasty, healthy vegetarian recipes and information on which ingredients are good for you and why.  Use this tasty guide to colorful food before going to the Farmer's Market. Be sure to eat plenty of greens, reds, yellows, and purples everyday!

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Written by Published on Mon, 06/13/2016 - 12:33pm

One morning, Ruby and her dog Oscar are playing when Oscar gets the hiccups!  Ruby tries everything she can think of to help him get rid of them. They dance, they jump, they slurp, and they munch, but nothing seems to work. You'll never guess how she finally makes them disappear! This is a lively picture book that begs to be read aloud. Recommended for PreS-Gr. 1

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