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Written by Published on Fri, 08/26/2016 - 4:27pm

There's a full moon on Friday, September 16! Get in the full moon spirit with By the Light of the Harvest Moon, filled with beautiful illustrations of mystical leaf people who wake up when the moon comes out.    

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Written by Published on Fri, 08/26/2016 - 4:12pm

Farmer's markets and harvest festivals will be going strong through harvest season. Learn where and how we get our food, whether from animal, land or sea. Full of vibrant and up-to-date photography, Grow! Raise! Catch! is perfect for discovering the source of our food and how we humans participate in the process of food making. 

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Written by Published on Wed, 08/24/2016 - 2:24pm

Can a robot survive in the wilderness? Roz the robot discovers that she is alone on a remote, wild island with no memory of where she is from or why she is there, and her only hope of survival is to try to learn about her new environment from the island's hostile inhabitants.  Recommended for grades 3 and up.

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