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A collective biography of 16 fascinating and diverse men and women of African descent, who have made their mark on American history. These are the stories of people who dared to dream, took risks, and created goals not only for themselves, but for others and the betterment of their society.  Perfect addition to any classroom.  (Grades 5-8 School Library Journal)

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If you like the “Mr. Terupt” books, this book is for you! On Ms. Bixby's last day of school before she starts cancer treatments there is supposed to be a big party in her classroom.  Unfortunately, Ms. Bixby cannot make the party and three of her students decide to bring the party to her in the hospital.  They embark on a crazy adventure, break many rules, and discover much of themselves and their favorite teacher in the process. 

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This instructional story presented in comic book format uses the tale of a twelve-year-old boy who learns about drawing and life from an artist he meets in the park. You too can create your own drawings and story of your own with the art tips in this book. Recommended for Grades 4 and up.

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