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This guide provides brief descriptions and links for several leveled reader systems.


There are many leveled reading programs in use in educational settings today.  The systems have some differences and commonalities, but all are meant to be used as a systematic way to teach and guide students to be successful readers.  Below are brief descriptions and links for several of the reading programs used currently in area schools. 

Accelerated Reading or AR


The Accelerated Reader program is a supplemental system to help students find independent reading that is appropriate for their skill levels.  Students take a standardized test to determine their level.  To find AR titles: http://www.arbookfind.com/UserType.aspx

Developmental Reading Assessment (DRA)


​The Developmental Reading Assessment program uses a standardized achievement test in conjunction with a benchmark book to place readers by level.  The leveling system is similar to Reading Recovery and places students from 1-80.  To find DRA titles: http://www.scholastic.com/bookwizard/

Fountas Pinnell Guided Reading Level


Also known as the Guided Reading Approach, this is subscription based service that evaluates a child's reading level through a benchmark book. The books are leveled through detailed criteria as is advancement through each level.  To find GR titles: http://www.scholastic.com/bookwizard/

Lexile Framework (MetaMetrics)


​Lexile measures a child's reading ability through a standardized test based on a scale of readability; the information is not meant to correspond to a student's grade level. The range of Lexile scores is 200-1700.  To find titles by Lexile: http://www.lexile.com/fab/   

Reading Recovery


Reading Recovery is an intensive reading intervention for first graders who work with trained instructors every day for a short period.  The Upper Arlington Public Library has an extensive collection of Reading Recovery books at the Tremont location.  Users can also compare book titles using the Guided Reading prompt at: http://www.scholastic.com/bookwizard/

Search Starters

Level It Books

App for iPhone, iPod.  User can scan the ISBN on a book and view the Lexile, Guided Reading, Grade Level Equivalent, and/or DRA levels for the book.  This app is for purchase.


Library Leveler

App for Android.  User can scan the ISBN or title and view the Grade Level Equivalent, Lexile Measure, DRA Level and Guided Reading Level.  This app is for purchase.  



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Novelist K-8 Plus

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Novelist Plus

Novelist K-8 and Novelist Plus allow users to find books by Lexile or grade level.  Click on the links above or below to access either database and use the advance search feature to find books by Lexile or grade level. 



Leveled Reading Systems, Explained by Ruth Manna




There are several websites that can help compare levels/texts across the different programs.

Leveled for Success

compares Guided Reading, Reading Recovery, DRA, Lexile and Grade Levels. 


Reading Level Conversion Chart

compares grade level, Fountas Pinnell (GR), Degrees of Reading Power, Reading Recovery, DRA and Lexile