Picture Book Selection: Each Kindness

In “Each Kindness”, award winning author Jacqueline Woodson and amazing illustrator E.B. Lewis have made a wonderful book about how treating people with kindness can help everyone. Maya is a new student and different from her other classmates with her hand-me-down clothes and old- fashioned toys.  Maya wants to make friends with Chloe and her gang of friends, but they reject her. Their teacher gives a lesson on simple kindness and Chloe realizes the opportunity for friendship that was missed, and how much better it would have been if she had been kind. 

Easy Halloween Costumes

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This is a guest blog entry from Eileen Jeffrey.  Eileen interned for Youth Services at Tremont during summer reading 2014.  Here she suggests easy Halloween costume ideas that are also inexpensive and fun.

Fall is finally here! With the new season comes cooler weather, pretty scenery, and…Halloween! Before we know it, candy will be stocking the shelves of every store and kids everywhere will be wondering the most important question: “What will I be for Halloween?”

Here are some fun and easy DIY Halloween costumes that anyone can try!

Spaghetti & Meatballs 

  1. Get a white and red checkered tablecloth and cut a hole in the center for the head. Wear this like a cape.
  2. Cut white yarn into long strands and glue them to a paper plate.
  3. Paint Styrofoam balls brown and glue them to the same plate as meatballs.
  4. Glue the plate to the front of the tablecloth.
  5. For the hat, use a pot with a handle. If needed, tie around head with string to keep in place.


Bubble Bath

  1. Wear either an all white outfit or an all blue outfit.
  2. Blow up many white or blue balloons to a small size.
  3. Safety pin these balloons to your clothing or tape them using strong, clear tape.
  4. For hair accessories, you can attach colorful bath poufs to a headband. You could also attach rubber ducks to the headband as well.


Thing 1 & Thing 2 

This costume is perfect if you are going trick or treating with a sibling or with a friend.

  1. Wear an all red outfit. 
  2. Cut a piece of white paper into a circle and write either Thing 1 or Thing 2 on it.
  3. Glue or tape this circle onto your red shirt. 
  4. While the hair isn’t necessary for this costume, wigs can be bought at costume stores to make you look more like Things 1 & 2. 

These costumes are easy, inexpensive, and quick, so if you’re stuck on what to wear, give these costumes a try. Have a happy Halloween!

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

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“You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose.” - Oh, The places you'll go.

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not.” - The Lorax

You can find magic wherever you look. sit back and relax. all you need is a book” - Cat in the Hat

A beloved author, Dr. Seuss presented life lessons in weird and wacky stories that many of us could not help but fall in love with. Using bold and brilliant illustrations, Dr. Seuss created characters of things both real and fantasy. This was paired with his witty rhymes and sing song style to create the one-of-a-kind books we know and cherish to this day. Whether you favor Horton Hears a Who, Green Eggs and Ham, or any other of his wonderful tales, we would all like to wish a very happy birthday to the man who was never afraid to stand out- Happy Birthday Theodor Seuss Geisel! We appreciate everything you have created!

On March 2 the Youth Department at the Tremont Library will have a drop-in Seuss theme craft.  Please stop by at any time to celebrate with us!

dr seuss birthday


Non-Fiction Picture Book Selection: Lincoln and Kennedy, A Pair to Compare

Get your kids interested in election season with this duel portrait of two of America's most famous presidents: Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy. Well organized with intriguing illustrations, the book draws parallels between the presidents' personal lives and legacies. While the book touches on the tragic end of both presidents' lives, it does not show any graphic detail, making the book appropriate for all ages. Recommended for ages 5 and up. 

Parents, have you met Mem Fox?

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Mem Fox is the author of many (many!) picture books for children.  I have always been a big fan of hers (so has Miss Kate!), and I particularly enjoyWhere is the Green Sheep? and Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes,both of which I have used in storytime.

But, not so long ago, based off of a recommendation, I discovered her books for adults.  I read Reading Magic: Why Reading Aloud to Our Children Will Change Their Lives Forever, which I would now absolutely recommend to parents (both current and future!), caregivers, and anyone working with children.  

Her website is also a great resource, which includes information about her and her books as well as specific content for parents, writers, teachers, children, and more! 

Parent's Book Selection: a picture book by Jane Smiley

Jane Smiley, author of award winning books for adults, including her novel A Thousand Acres which won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction in 1992, has just written a children's book called Twenty Yawns. This is a beautifully written bedtime story about a family's fun day at the beach and the quietude of a moonlit night. Read this book with your child and enjoy the lyrical text and see if you can find all twenty yawns sprinkled throughout the story.  

Money Talk for Kids: Making, Saving, and Spending

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u.s federal reserve notes "greenbacks"  from wikimediaMoney is a part of our everyday lives. It is something everyone uses in our world to keep us fed, clothed and sheltered. How do you help your kids understand the importance of making and keeping money?

The US Government has a portal with many links for kids K-12 and their parents about using and saving money.  Check out this article from Forbes about the most important money lessons for your kids. Some banks have savings games when you open up a savings account for younger children.  Life insurance companies have also have websites for kids with games and activities.  

Making Money:


Saving Money: This can be hard for all ages. Try these for some good tips. Saving money is all about setting priorities, which can be very difficult.


Using Money: Every kid usually has a huge wish list of things or activities to buy. Try these for other considerations.




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