Parents, have you met Mem Fox?

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Mem Fox is the author of many (many!) picture books for children.  I have always been a big fan of hers (so has Miss Kate!), and I particularly enjoyWhere is the Green Sheep? and Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes,both of which I have used in storytime.

But, not so long ago, based off of a recommendation, I discovered her books for adults.  I read Reading Magic: Why Reading Aloud to Our Children Will Change Their Lives Forever, which I would now absolutely recommend to parents (both current and future!), caregivers, and anyone working with children.  

Her website is also a great resource, which includes information about her and her books as well as specific content for parents, writers, teachers, children, and more! 

Read with Your Teen: Something in Between by Melissa de la Cruz

Jasmine de los Santos is on her way to Columbia University with a full ride when her world is ripped apart: her family is illegal. Their visas expired years ago and now everything they have worked for is at risk. Jasmine no longer knows if she fits into the American Dream, but she doesn't give up. Adults and teens alike will enjoy this book, get two copies from our library and enjoy with your teen.

Money Talk for Kids: Making, Saving, and Spending

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u.s federal reserve notes "greenbacks" from wikimediaMoney is a part of our everyday lives. It is something everyone uses in our world to keep us fed, clothed and sheltered. How do you help your kids understand the importance of making and keeping money?

The US Government has a portal with many links for kids K-12 and their parents about using and saving money.  Check out this article from Forbes about the most important money lessons for your kids. Some banks have savings games when you open up a savings account for younger children.  Life insurance companies have also have websites for kids with games and activities.  

Making Money:


Saving Money: This can be hard for all ages. Try these for some good tips. Saving money is all about setting priorities, which can be very difficult.


Using Money: Every kid usually has a huge wish list of things or activities to buy. Try these for other considerations.



Jack Hanna

This biography of Columbus's own Jack Hanna has great photographs and simple text for younger children. If you're planning a trip to the zoo, be sure to check this biography out before you go! Recommended for PreK-2nd grade.

Is Your Toddler Ready to Transition From Board Books to Picture Books?

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Is your toddler ready to transition from board books to picture books?

There are many stages in child development for parents to realize and assist their children in growing to their potential.  Toddlers are still processing everything they touch and hear and see.  Transitioning to picture books opens new levels in tactile and visual learning. 


You might even become the listener to a story read by your talking toddler.  

Toddler Led Reading of Little Pea by Amy Krouse Rosenthal from Lasso the Moon on Vimeo.

We love lists at the library!  On our parents page we have book lists by subject.  Many kids go through a phase where they want dinosaur everything with maybe some trains on the side.  You can find those lists here.

If you visited the link to our subject lists and were overwhelmed here are some fun and prolific authors and/or illustrators that have some wonderful books for the 18 month plus crowd.  




5 Juvenile Audiobooks Parents Will Actually Enjoy

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Sometimes, the books your kids love aren't necessarily the books you'd choose to read over and over. Sometimes, as a parent, you're too busy to sit down and read the book your kid is reading. Luckily, we have Audiobooks. I've chosen 5 titles that your kids are bound to love, and you're bound not to hate. Whether you need something besides talk-radio on your commute, or the whole family is cooped-up inside on a rainy, chilly, fall day, these Audiobooks are engaging and entertaining for all ages. 

  • The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate is a quirky read (and listen) about a girl during a hot summer in 1899. Callie explores the natural world, develops a close relationship with her grandfather, navigates living with six brothers, and learns just what it means to be a girl at the turn of the century. Ages 8+. 
  • When You Reach Me follows the mysterious stories of Miranda and Sal who, after an unfortunate encounter in their New York neighborhood, start to unravel. Miranda starts receiving mysterious notes, which soon convince her that only she can prevent a tragic death. Ages 9+. 
  • Inside Out and Back Again is the moving story of one girl's year of change, dreams, grief and healing as she journeys from one country to another, one life to the next. From Saigon to Alabama during the Vietnam war, Ha discovers a foreign world, and a lot about herself. Ages 10+.
  • The Secret Garden is a wistful and fairytale-like story of a young British girl raised in India, who loses her neglectful parents in an earthquake. Returned to England and living at her uncle's castle, she discovers a garden locked and neglected. Ages 7+.
  • The Tiger Rising is an inspirational story about friendship. After Rob finds a tiger locked in a cage in the Florida forest the same day he meets Sistine, the two children prove that some things - like memories, and heartache, and tigers - can't be locked up forever. Ages 8+.

Non-Fiction Picture Book Selection: Lincoln and Kennedy, A Pair to Compare

Get your kids interested in election season with this duel portrait of two of America's most famous presidents: Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy. Well organized with intriguing illustrations, the book draws parallels between the presidents' personal lives and legacies. While the book touches on the tragic end of both presidents' lives, it does not show any graphic detail, making the book appropriate for all ages. Recommended for ages 5 and up. 

Beat the Boredom on These Cold Winter Days

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February has just begun, which means we still have plenty of cold winter weather ahead. Some folks start to get a little stir-crazy around this time of year especially if the temperatures keep you inside day after day. One of the best ways to keep everyone busy is a project! Creating something with your child is not only rewarding and fun, but also a great way to get them engaged in something other than the screen. With Valentine's day right around the corner, now is the perfect time to stock up on some basic supplies and get crafting or cooking for family and friends. UAPL's youth department has a wonderful selection of craft books and cookbooks that are full of inspiration for even the youngest in your family. Here I have chosen just a few of my favorites with a wide variety of skill levels required. If you come into the library we will be more than happy to show you the rest of our great collection!




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