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K9 soldiers, not your typical house pet

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Navy SEAL Dogs

Dogs have been used in warfare since ancient times. During the Vietnam War, more than 5,000 dogs served our country and it's estimated they saved over 10,000 lives. Most recently, dogs have been invaluable in Afghanistan and Iraq. These dogs are specially trained and a strong bond develops between the dog and his handler. Navy SEAL Dogs by Mike Ritland tells the inside story of how elite K9 dogs are trained and the extreme missions they undertake to save lives. Read more about other military dogs who have played an important part in our history!

In addition, there are many wonderful stories about soldiers and their dogs, including:

Brian Selznick’s The Marvels: Who Are They Really???

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Meet The Marvels! Who is this intriguing family? How do they fit into the life of a young runaway boy and the Uncle who reluctantly, and most grumpily, takes him in? And how does their mysterious house, with its out-of-time furniture and strange noises, fit into their lives? Find out as you journey through rich black and white drawings, detailed text, and multiple stories to explore the world of The Marvels by Brian Selznick. And for a sneak peek don’t miss the book trailer.

For more information about the book The Marvels, the making of the book trailer, or Brian Selznick and his other books, check out the book's website at The Marvels The Book.

Interesting Note: The Marvels is based on a real house in London called Dennis Severs’ House. For information about this house, its story, and its history, visit Dennis Severs' House. And, for a peek inside, check out this video clip describing what can you find as you explore this unique house.

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It's a Fact: Facts are Awesome!

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Did you know that in Oklahoma it is illegal to make faces at a dog? Or that finger-sized fish called wrasse nibble the gunk off a shark's teeth?  The world is full of interesting, awesome, and curious facts.  I've always wondered how an arena can be an ice rink one day and a basketball court the next.  Learn how it happens in the Time for Kids book, Big Book of Answers: 1001 Facts Kids Want to Know.  Browse through Animal Planet's book, Animals: a Visual Dictionary for the answer to how many eyes can a spider have.  Afraid of rats?  Discover how African giant pouched rats are helping to keep people safe in Friend or Foe: The Whole Truth about Animals that People Love to Hate by Etta Kaner.  Nod your head if you love fact books as much as I do. But not if you're from Bulgaria (as I learned from Adam Frost's book, The Awesome Book of Awesomeness).

Watch/Listen to a Story on Tumblebooks

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Winter Reading Club began yesterday, and one of the BINGO activities for participants in grades K-2 and grades 3-5 is to watch/listen to a story on Tumblebooks.

TumbleBook Library is a UAPL database that houses a collection of books to watch, listen-to, and/or read-along with online.  The collection includes picture books, easy readers, chapter books, non-fiction books, and more, including online copies of the books listed below.  You will need your library card number and pin to access this database from home.

Interested in participating in the Winter Reading Club?  Patrons of all ages can stop by any UAPL location to pick up a BINGO sheet.