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Hoopla is a free audio and video streaming service available to all Upper Arlington Public Library cardholders. Through Hoopla patrons now have access to thousands of titles in e-book, video, music, audiobook and comic book formats for streaming or temporary download. Content can be enjoyed on smartphones, tablets or computers. Check our support page, or download a copy of our Hoopla Instructions sheet.

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Recommended Read

At the outset of World War II, Denmark did not resist German occupation. Ashamed of his nation's leaders, Knud Pedersen resolved with his brother and schoolmates to take action against the Nazis if the adults would not. Naming their secret club after the fiery British leader, the young patriots in the Churchill Club committed countless acts of sabotage, infuriating the Germans, who had the boys tracked down and arrested. But their efforts were not in vain: the boys' exploits and imprisonment helped spark a full-blown Danish resistance.

It is the year 2042 and humans have conquered death.  Because Earth is the only inhabitable planet, it becomes necessary to keep the population in check.  Scythes are the only ones who are allowed to take a human life.  Citra Terranova and Rowan Damish are chosen to become apprentice Scythes, a position which neither of them wants.  They find themselves involved in fatal competition, but, are also determined to fight corruption and cruelty.  Readers will be tasked to consider many ethical and moral questions regarding this dystopian/utopian society.  This book received the 2017 Printz Honor Award. Recommended for grades 8 up

Sixteen-year-old Maddie Flynn has a remarkable ability that is both a gift and a curse; she can see the death date of everyone she sees.  Maddie has been able to do this since before she even knew what the numbers hovering above people's foreheads meant.  After the loss of her father, her mother turns to alcohol and the family begins to fall apart.  To make some extra money Maddie's mother has her reading death dates for paying clients.  When Maddie predicts the death of a young boy in a week's time, she becomes the main suspect in an FBI investigation.




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Join our Youth Department's Goodreads Group: connect with your librarians and other Goodreads Group members to discuss and share book recommendations.

The Colors of Madeleine Trilogy

Need a good fantasy series to read? Try ...Read more

Musical Mondays: Where Books and Music Collide

Welcome back to Musical Mondays! A blog about books and music.

Just to recap: A lot of books are now incorporating music in some way into the story. Some authors create music playlist for their books, other weave music into the story, and some are just about music in some way. The first...Read more

What is Pride Month?

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Pride Month is celebrated in June in the United States. LGBT Pride has historically been celebrated in June to commemorate the anniversary of the 1969 Stonewall Riots. On June 28, 1969 police raided the Stonewall Inn, a popular...Read more

Sign up now for Summer Library Club!

Are you entering 6th-12th grade next year? Do you like to read? Would you like to score free pizza, chipotle, or cake? Then you're ready for Summer Library Club! Simply visit this website, register with your name...Read more

Travel, Road Trips, and Adventure

It’s summer! Time for traveling, road trips, and adventure! So, if you’re planning a trip and need some inspiration, are looking for a book to accompany you on your road trip adventure, or just want to live vicariously through the winding roads and travel adventures of others, check out some of...Read more


Upcoming & new Young Adult books

Images and ratings courtesy of Goodreads.com  Goodreads.com logo

  • Cover of Shadow Run (Kaitan Chronicles, #1)

    AdriAnne Strickland
    Shadow Run (Kaitan Chronicles, #1)
    Rating: 4.2/5
  • Cover of City of Saints & Thieves

    Natalie C. Anderson
    City of Saints & Thieves
    Rating: 4.2/5
  • Cover of Ultimatum

    K.M. Walton
    Rating: 4.19/5
  • Cover of Mars One

    Jonathan Maberry
    Mars One
    Rating: 4.17/5
  • Cover of The Pain Eater

    Beth Goobie
    The Pain Eater
    Rating: 4.06/5
  • Cover of Defy the Stars

    Claudia Gray
    Defy the Stars
    Rating: 4.06/5
  • Cover of Shadowcaster (Shattered Realms, #2)

    Cinda Williams Chima
    Shadowcaster (Shattered Realms, #2)
    Rating: 4.04/5
  • Cover of Missing

    Kelley Armstrong
    Rating: 4.02/5
  • Cover of Drawn Away

    Holly Bennett
    Drawn Away
    Rating: 4/5
  • Cover of Alex and Eliza: A Love Story

    Melissa de la Cruz
    Alex and Eliza: A Love Story
    Rating: 4/5
  • Cover of Overturned

    Lamar Giles
    Rating: 4/5
  • Cover of At the Edge of the Universe

    Shaun David Hutchinson
    At the Edge of the Universe
    Rating: 3.93/5


Teen Book Clubs

The UA High School Book Club

This club meets once a month in the LC classroom at 3:00 pm. Juice and cookies are provided by the Upper Arlington Public Library Friends of the Library Board. Each month the group decides on a book to read for the following meeting. Please join us - all are welcome!

For general guidelines to starting and running a bookclub, click here.

How-To: Get a Book Club Started...and Keep it Going

You like to read. Your friends like to read. You almost have a book club! 

If you would like some info on how do you figure out what to read, get organized and keep the club alive, we have compiled some tips for you in this short guide that can help you.