PB&J Again?!

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Packing school lunches can be challenging. Trying to balance what you kids will eat, with what you want them to eat can be a tight rope walk. It also wouldn't hurt if most of the meal was quick and easy to prepare.

Check out these eBooks for recipes and ideas for taking your school lunch game to the next level.

All the World's a Stage

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It's been 450 years since the birth of Shakespeare. And while his biography is rather short for such a famous figure, his impact on English literature and language are indisputable. He is credited with adding over 500 words to the language, and countless phrases, like: to thine own self be true and brevity is the soul of wit.

You can read all of “The Bard's” works in many places online, including the Folger Shakespeare Library, which has an excellent, searchable collection. If you are looking for a slightly different take on Shakespeare, try one of these eBooks.

  • Reintroduce yourself to Shakespeare's most famous characters with Y is for Yorick, a witty picture book for adults.
  • How Shakespeare Changed Everything examines his influence on language and culture (and the starlings in Central Park).
  • The Shakespeare guide to Italy uses the 10 plays set in Italy as an itinerary, tracking down the exact locations of Juliette's balcony and other famous scenes.

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Self-publish Your E-Book Through UAPL

Dear patrons,
we thank you for your participation in our self-publishing project. We have discontinued our subscription to SELF-e. We're sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. For questions please call our Media department at (614) 486-9621 ext. 227.

We have partnered with the Library Journal to bring you free self-publishing of e-books through the SELF-e program.

SELF-e is a new service giving UA’s independent authors a wonderful opportunity to submit their e-book for circulation at UAPL, libraries throughout Ohio, and possibly libraries nationwide.

SELF-e for Authors

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SELF-e for Readers

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  • Submit your indie-published ebook through a simple online form and choose to share your work with patrons of the UAPL and more libraries throughout Ohio.
  • Consider to also submit your ebook for possible inclusion in the Library Journal SELF-e public library ebook discovery service.
  • If your book is selected by Library Journal it will be made available nationally and given a digital badge promoting it to potential readers and buyers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the SELF-e platform work for authors?

SELF-e is designed to expose your e-book(s) to more readers through public libraries. Library Journal reviews all submissions for inclusion in a SELF-e Select Collection, available to library patrons nationwide. You may also choose to share your e-book with local library patrons throughout Ohio.

How much does it cost for authors to participate in SELF-e?

There is no cost to authors who choose to participate.

Do I earn royalties for sales?

Publishing with the SELF-e platform is royalty-free. SELF-e is a marketing and discovery service aimed at helping authors build an audience of readers through public libraries.

Can I submit my book to multiple libraries?

SELF-e collections are organized by state, so if you submit your e-book to any library in Ohio, it will be included in the Ohio collection.


More Questions?

Contact our Media Department at (614) 486-9621 or email us.

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I Ain't Afraid of No Ghost

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It's been one year since we started recommending eBooks on the Media page. Thanks for checking back each week, we hope you've found some new books to enjoy. If you have a theme you'd like to see, please add it to the comments or share it via social media. We always enjoying hearing what you are interested in.

It's that time of year when the wind gives you chills and black cats seem to turn up right where you were trying to walk. To celebrate the spooky season, check out a book of spine-tingling ghost stories.

Halloween eBooks - Short Stories

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Now that the air is cold and the pumpkins are orange, it's a great time of year to read some spooky eBooks. During the next two weeks, we will be highlighting Halloween eBooks for adults, teens and children. Keep checking back to find books about vampires and zombies, and how to make your own costumes.

The first three are collections of short stories, for a quick fright. Mwah-ha-ha! So grab a bag of candy corn (and your tablet or eReader) and check out some scary reads.

Cooking at College

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One of the adventures (or challenges) of college is learning how to live away from home. For many students, this means learning how to chop, slice, boil and saute, so they can eat something more than ramen noodles.

Check out these three cookbooks aimed at college students, there are even cookbooks for vegan/vegetarian cooking. If you know a student who could use some cooking tips, they can check out an eBook from our collection, no matter where they are.

Happy Reading!

Memorial Day

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Back to work after the Memorial Day holiday, the unofficial start to summer, and a chance to unwind, meet with family and friends and remember those who have gone before us. Memorial Day began several years after the Civil War as Decoration Day, a holiday to decorate the graves of those who had died in wars. This week's eBooks feature stories of the men and women who have fought, and died, serving our country.

  • A Company of Heroes profiles 26 deceased members of the now-legendary Band of Brothers.
  • The Harlem Hellfighters recounts the heroics and challenges that African-American soldiers faced in fighting for their country, and their freedom.
  • The Last of the Doughboys features the stories of soldiers who fought in World War I, many conducted when the “doughboys” were over 100 years old.

Happy Reading!

A lean, green end to 2014

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The holidays are coming soon, and so are meals full of rich food. While comfort food is part of the charm of celebrating, adding some veggies to the menu can make it a happy and healthy holiday season.

Below are three books to give you some ideas, whether you are planning a full vegan menu, or looking for some new ways to “eat your veggies.” Forks Over Knives features recipes from local chef, Del Sroufe.

Happy Reading!

Classic horror eBooks

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Welcome to day two of our Halloween eBook recommendations. Today, we are featuring three classic tales of horror from three legendary authors. These are “pages for the ages,” stories that have stood the test of time and that can still send a shiver up your spine.

The work of Edgar Allan Poe needs no introduction. Poe was a master of suspense, and this collection includes his most famous tales of madness and terror, including: The Tell-Tale Heart, The Murders in the Rue Morgue and The Raven.

In, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, Washington Irving created a character that haunts us to this day, the Headless Horseman.

Though some recent vampires novels might be reaching the “twilight” of their popularity, Anne Rice's Interview with the Vampire has been a touchstone of the genre for nearly 40 years.


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