Women's History Month

Women's History Month

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National Women’s History Project 
The theme for Women’s History Month 2013 is “Women Inspiring Innovation Through Imagination: Celebrating Women in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.” Eighteen American women who represent a variety of backgrounds, accomplishments and time periods, yet were all extraordinary visionaries and role models in their field, were chosen as the official honorees this year. Read about each amazing woman. 

300 Women Who Changed the World 
Whether changing the course of history or having an important influence on a smaller population, there are many women who have left their mark on the world. Encyclopedia Britannica chose 300 women to highlight, from centuries ago to modern times, who have changed the world. Follow the link to learn about each of these women, or browse the timeline to get a general story of women’s achievements over the course of human history.

Women by the Numbers
A lot can be learned about a certain group of people in the United States based on numbers. The US Census Bureau created this interesting compilation of figures about women across America in areas such as business, military, education and marriage.

Women and Ohio History at the Statehouse
​In 1922, the first six women were elected to Ohio’s General Assembly: two to the state Senate and four to the House of Representatives.
The Ladies’ Gallery in the Ohio Statehouse is a room that is meant to pay tribute to those six women, as well as the nearly 200 women legislators that have served since. During Women’s History Month, the Statehouse will feature special tours of the Ladies Gallery, and will also feature a special exhibit on Women’s Suffrage and Florence Harding, the first woman to ever cast a vote for her own husband for the presidency.