Construction in Upper Arlington

Construction in Upper Arlington

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Construction is still going on in Upper Arlington, but the end it in sight!

Below you will find information about the projects happening now that are most relevant to UA residents.

Northam Park Parking Lot Reconstruction

This lot, which also serves the Main Branch of the UA Library as well as Tremont Elementary and the Tremont Pool, is being rebuilt for the first time in almost three decades. Construction started at the beginning of summer on the north side of the lot by the school, and is continuing into the fall on the south side, by the library. When work on the part of the lot closest to the library starts, here are a couple things for patrons visiting the library to keep in mind:

  • The south side of the lot will be completely closed for approximately one month while work is being done. Patrons will find parking on Northam Road, and there should be plenty of parking in the north side of the lot when school is not in session.
  • The temporary entrance/exit to the library will be on the north side of the building, through the emergency doors located by the book-drop drive, near the administrative offices. The regular entrance will be closed during construction.
  • The walk-up books drops will also be closed, but the drive-up book drop will temporarily turn into a walk-up drop during this time.
  • Don't forget that you can send your reserves and pick up books at the Lane Road and Miller Park branches of UAPL, especially if you need handicapped parking.

This is part of a much larger project proposal to make major improvements to Northam Park. News stories in the Columbus Dispatch and This Week Upper Arlington News discuss these proposals.

Be sure to also take a look at information from the City of Upper Arlington about what is proposed, as well as the Master Plan document which goes into great detail about the project.

Columbia Gas of Ohio Pipeline Project

Columbia Gas of Ohio is working on a major project over 25 years to replace portions of their pipeline system in communities all across Ohio. This summer, there are two areas in Upper Arlington that will have affected streets: one section is north of Lane, just south of the Main Library and Northam Park; the other section is south of Lane around the Miller Park Branch Library. Check out the links below for more details about why this is happening, what is involved, and what street sections it will impact.

Road Construction

The year 2014 will be busy for road construction in Upper Arlington. The following projects have already started:

There are also plans for repair, reconstruction and maintenance of many more of the City's streets. Get more details and a complete list of projects by clicking here.

For information about road construction happening throughout Central Ohio, check out the useful links below:

  • Paving the Way - The City of Columbus provides this useful site with an interactive map of construction points, as well as a comprehensive list of projects, large and small, and their level of impact on traffic.
  • OHGO Columbus - Plan your commute with up-to-date information on road conditions, traffic, construction, and other activity affecting roadways.
  • Ohio Department of Transporation - District 6 - ODOT provides detailed information about projects happening in Franklin and surrounding counties.

City of Upper Arlington Updates

Stay informed about construction information and anything else happening around UA with these sites.

  • -  Road construction information link is found under the Living in UA category on the City's official website. 
  • UA's Facebook Page or Twitter Page - “Like” and/or “Follow” the City's frequently updated social media sites.