UA Recipe Collection

Mary Janet Ellenwood's Punch


50 Servings
SourceAnne Weaver (1978)
Prep time7 hours, 30 minutes
Cooking time
Total time7 hours, 30 minutes


3 pk
Jello (small size; any flavor; use flavor color to go with your color scheme)
4 c
13 c
water (divided)
2 cn
pineapple juice (46 oz.)
1 oz
almond extract
lemon juice (12 oz. bottle)
ginger ale bottles (large)


Dissolve Jello in 9 cups of warm water. Then dissolve 4 cups sugar in 4 cups water and bring this to a boil to make a simple syrup. Mix both solutions together and add almond extract, pineapple juice and lemon juice. This can be made ahead of time and frozen in milk cartons.

On the day you plan to serve the punch, take out the frozen containers at least 4 hours before serving time and allow to thaw. When ready to serve, tear off the milk cartons and place frozen contents in punch bowl. Chop up frozen solution and pour ginger ale over it. 


This will be frothy and taste delicious. Perfect for Wedding Receptions, Church Functions or Home Entertaining.