UA Recipe Collection

Buckeye Dip


10 Servings
Source Anne Weaver (1976)
Prep time15 minutes
Cooking time
Total time15 minutes


1 c
Hellmann's mayonnaise (do not substitute)
1 c
sour cream
1 T
dried parsley
1 T
dried onion
1 t
dill SEED
1 t
Beau Monde
round loaves of onion rye (opt., can also use recipe as dip for vegetables or crackers)


Mix together the day before. (Can be used as dip with vegetables, chips or crackers.)

To serve as a “Buckeye Dip” (serves a large crowd): Double the above recipe. Buy 2 round loaves of onion rye (one whole, one sliced). The whole loaf, cut out center and hollow out the bread and tear or cut up in chunks. The sliced loaf, cut in bite-size chunks. When ready to serve, pour dip into hollowed out loaf. Guests use the chunks for dipping. When dip is gone, the loaf as the buckeye can be cut or formed in chunks and eaten. 


Great for OSU Football Season, It’s a Winner!