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Are you working on some serious research for a high school or college course? Or do you want to see what has been published on a certain topic without having to fish through irrelevant and unreliable results from Googling?

Rather than relying on a search engine, try ProQuest Research Library. Accessible to student researchers as well as general readers, ProQuest Research Library is ideal for basic searching or high-end research. It’s one of the library’s broadest and most inclusive resources.

Access thousands of multidisciplinary periodicals, including scholarly and peer-reviewed journals, professional and trade publications, and general interest magazines covering over 150 subjects and topics, from politics to history, science to arts, and everything in between.

ProQuest Research Library and UA Library's many other reference databases and e-books are easy to use to find specific information that is relevant and reliable. Most of them are available to UA Library card holders anywhere you have an internet connection, by going to