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The Oxford English Dictionary – or OED to language aficionados – has long been considered the definitive work on the English language.  

In addition to learning the current meaning, pronunciation and usage of a word, you can look up its first known use in print, and learn about how its meaning has changed over time. Using the OED, you can find the origins of English words you may not have thought about, from  “cypher,” and “bead” to “ukulele,” and “nachos.”

Through the Oxford English Dictionary Online, you can also learn who the sandwich was named for, or find all the historical synonyms for commoners. You can even view timelines and discover which political terms were in vogue from the year 1000 to present, with entries ranging from “purple state” to “aproneer.”  

The OED offers a unique insight not only into words, but into history. Check it out, along with UAPL's many other Premium Resources.