Seasonal Influenza and the Common Cold

Seasonal Influenza and the Common Cold

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Concerned about colds and flus? UAPL has many useful resources for non-medical professionals to learn about illnesses and recommended treatments. As always, discuss medical questions and problems with a doctor - librarians aren’t qualified to give medical advice. Remember to enter your library card number to access UAPL’s premium resources.

For basic information on the common cold, influenza, or any other common illness, check out the Gale Encyclopedia of Medicine.  Gale Encyclopedia of Medicine Book Cover image

Find information about different kinds of cold medicines, and much more through Consumer Health Complete.

Medline is a bit more advanced; search for more complex articles that aren’t necessarily for the layperson:

If Medline is too overwhelming, check out MedlinePlus, its consumer-friendly sibling.

The CDC has a great deal of information on seasonal influenza - you can even follow them on twitter.

Finally, keep up with current outbreaks through the World Health Organization’s Disease Outbreak News. No sign of the Zombie Apocalypse… yet.

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