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Get Ready for Winter

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Country road covered in snowLow temperatures from a polar vortex might be on the way, so now is a good time to make sure you’re ready for winter. There are many excellent resources on general emergency preparedness, especially from, which you can access for free with your UA Library card and PIN. In addition to recommendations for handy household products, get advice for emergencies, from backing up your computer, sharing passwords with a trusted family member before a disaster, and setting up a file with important documents that you can grab on your way out the door. Check out Consumer Reports’ advice, and other guides below:

Dadaism and art, whatever that is

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Program for Dada event

Modern art is often scoffed at as something that a child could do, but some of the underpinnings of modernism were incredibly provocative. Dada was launched in the midst of World War I by artists who considered it a bloody and foolish war. Dada began in Switzerland in 1916, but soon spread to Berlin, Paris, and the rest of Europe and the United States. New forms of art, including photomontage, collage, found objects, and poetry that was composed entirely of made up words were all used to convey visceral messages, “to shock society into self-awareness.” Artists chose unconventional means of expression to reject high art and rationalism, and their methods raised questions on the meaning of art and originality that linger today, in online mash ups, remixes, and fanvids.

Learn more about Dada and its artists with our many great resources:

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