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Wordsmiths, Coiners, and English Buffs

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Mixed up letter tiles from a Scrabble game If you’re a fiction writer, language buff, or trivia fan, you’re probably interested in words. The UA Library subscribes to the Oxford English Dictionary, which does much more than reveal a word’s meaning or part of speech. For historical fiction writers, you can create interactive timelines for words that were coined in a particular region, so you can browse through new and popular words for each year (or avoid anachronisms).

Language buffs and trivia fans will enjoy the histories available for each word, including quotes of each word’s usage, and the year it was first used. There are some surprises: “Reality TV” was first used in 1980, and “Millennial” (in reference to the generation) in 1991. For more on the history of English and English words, which is surprisingly intense, check out:

American Law

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Supreme Court buildingLibrarians can’t answer legal questions, as we aren’t trained attorneys, but we can direct you to some reliable sources for questions you might have about US law, whether you’re wondering about your landlord’s responsibilities, how courts have ruled on high school students’ free speech, or what your rights are if you’re arrested. Check out these great resources to learn more:

If you do need an attorney, you can find one with one of the following resources:

You can also find out if an attorney you're considering has been disciplined or sanctioned at the Supreme Court of Ohio's website.