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Stroll Down Memory Lane in the UA Archives

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1918 teacherI have always found local history fascinating! If you’re like me, you enjoy learning about families who were such a large part of the development of a city that current roads are named after them. You like wandering through local graveyards to see which names are the most common, who has the most prominent gravestones, or which is the oldest grave marker in order to draw conclusions about what life could have been like for these families. And you will especially love looking at old photos of the history of your town to see what major intersections or bustling shopping areas looked like over a hundred years ago.

If this sort of thing interests you too, please check out the UA Archives. Through the UA Archives, the library partners with local organizations and individuals to digitally preserve our community’s historical resources and make them available online. You can use the UA Archives to:

If you have questions about the UA Archives or the history of Upper Arlington, contact Sara Klein, our Digital Archives Coordinator, or browse through the Ohio Room in the Reference Department. There's definitely plenty to explore!

Financial Fitness for the New Year

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New Year’s Resolutions are all about finally doing what you’re supposed to do, especially when what you’re supposed to do induces misery. This year, instead of resolving to exercise more, or to cut back on sweets, why not deal with your retirement? Personal finance and 401(k)s aren’t thrilling, but at least you won’t have to get off your couch in the middle of winter to deal with them. If you need a basic primer on personal finance, investment information, or the background knowledge behind retirement planning, we have tons of books to help. Even better, we have several e-books, listed under the subject “Finance.”

If you want to start looking into stocks and mutual funds, we have some great databases to help. Although Value Line Research Center can only be accessed from inside one of the UAPL branches, we have two other databases that you can use from home:

Just remember - you’ll need your UAPL card number and PIN to access our online resources! Good luck!