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Time for a New Car?

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Old red car with plants growing in itThinking about buying a new car? The Reference Department has many resources to help you out. Whether you want to learn more about a new car, find safety ratings, or locate reliable reviews, these should get you started:

  • - Find the latest reviews on each make and model, new or used. All you need to access this resource is your library card number and PIN.
  • - How did the car you like do in crash test ratings? Learn more about safety here.
  • The Car Book - This annual guide will fill you in on all the details of any car you’re interested in - from repair costs and warranty ratings to safety features and insurance costs.

If you aren’t sure what your old car is worth, and want to know what to trade it in for, check out these resources, or contact the Reference Department, and we’ll check for you:

Ohio in Past Presidential Campaigns

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Black and white presidential campaign button for William McKinleyOhio has seen its share of political campaigns eight of which resulted in the election of favorite sons. Before there were television ads and mass mailings, robocalls and other high tech tactics there were buttons, badges, flags and banners that presidential hopefuls used to spread the word.

The Ohio History Connection, the official museum and library for the State of Ohio, is located on the Ohio State Fairgrounds and publishes a quarterly magazine called Timeline. The current issue features examples of Ohio campaign memorabilia from the museum collection. You can find the magazine on the shelves in the Reference Department of the Upper Arlington Public Library.

There are two more interesting articles about Ohio’s political past in the current issue. One is Moment of Decision; Joshua R. Giddings and the 1860 Republican Convention by John Patterson. Ohio native Giddings, an ardent anti-slavery advocate and Congressman from Jefferson, Ohio had a dramatic impact on the Republican National Convention of 1860.

The other is William McKinley: A Sense of Duty by Republican campaign strategist and historian Karl Rove. Rove expounds on the campaign of 1896 when McKinley ran against William Jennings Bryan. He states that McKinley was “uniquely suited for the moment” to guide the country’s growth and modernization. In the article he draws from his recent book The Triumph of William McKinley, Why the Election of 1896 Still Matters

As we await the 2016 Republican National Convention in Cleveland July 18 - 21, we can read fascinating accounts of campaigns of earlier eras and compare them to our own.

Cover of Karl Rove's Book titled The Triumph of William McKinley.  Red letters with McKinley campaign button.