New LearningExpress Library - Create a New Account

New LearningExpress Library - Create a New Account

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LearningExpress Library version 3.0 is now up and running - check out the fantastic new interface and find resources for a new career, practice tests and ebooks on college preparation or professional exams, computer training, and much, much more. Please be aware that the usernames and passwords from LearningExpress Library version 2.0 are no longer valid in version 3.0. All patrons will need to set up a new account in version 3.0:

  1. Follow the preceding link, or go to, select “Research,” click “Databases,” and scroll down to “LearningExpress Library.”
  2. If you're at home, enter your library card number and PIN
  3. In the upper right hand corner, select “Register”
  4. Enter your email address, your new password, and your first name
  5. Click “Create Account.”

Once you create an account, you'll be logged in automatically. Then you can find an exam, tutorial, or ebook that suits your interests, and select the “Launch” button to begin.

If you are in the middle of an exam right now on version 2.0, you can still access LearningExpress Library 2.0 right here. Version 2.0 will no longer be available after June 30, 2014. Best of luck with your studies!