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Have you ever wondered what used to be at a particular location in Columbus? Maybe you’ve wondered who used to live in your home, or perhaps a long-term Columbus resident has given you directions along the lines of “turn right where there used to be a bowling alley.” Fear not! You too can learn the ins and outs of bygone Columbus with the Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps and the Reference Department’s city directories.

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Try this practice search with the Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps:

  1. Enter “Columbus” for the city
  2. Select “-ALL DATE RANGES-”
  3. Select “Street Address”
  4. Type in “Tremont” and select “Tremont [2700-2799]”
  5. Click on the image in the upper right - sheet number 720

The date, May, 1942, is in the upper right hand corner of the map, and all of the “D”s (for dwellings) are marked in. Notice that 2800 Tremont, the UAPL Main Branch, is conspicuously absent! We hadn’t been built yet. Check out the Library of Congress’s information page to learn more about the symbols used by Sanborn on the maps. Remember to enter your library card number and PIN for access at home. Be sure to check out our Miller Park branch at 1901 Arlington Ave as well!

Drop by the Reference Department to access our city directories from storage - we have some from as early as 1951, as well as several Haines Criss Crosses. We can also help you find other sources for your geographical search at the desk.

Finally, check out a map of some homes in Upper Arlington with the UA Archives via Flickr.