Finding Your Representatives

Finding Your Representatives

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We’ve had a lot of questions on how to find representatives this week. Who represents you in Congress and in the Senate? How about in the Ohio Legislature? Once you know who they are, how do you address different government officials, either on the phone, or in writing? We have several resources that will help you answer these questions.

First, to find out who all of your representatives are, you’ll need to find your full, 9-digit zip code. You can get this information with your address using the USPS Look up a Zip Code tool. Once you’ve got your zip code, check out the websites below to find your representatives:

As for how to address government officials, the Protocol School of Washington’s guide, Honor & Respect, gives the proper forms for everyone from the Queen of England to the Pope.

According to Honor & Respect, for senators, the letter salutation should be “Dear Senator (surname),” and in conversation, “Senator (surname)” initially, and just “Senator” subsequently. For representatives, “Mr./Ms. (surname)” is appropriate in conversation. “Dear Mr./Ms. (surname)” is used in letters. Envelopes to senators or representatives should be addressed to “The Honorable (full name)” and on the next line, the official name of the assembly. All letters can be closed with “Sincerely” or “Sincerely yours.” These forms are appropriate at both the state and federal levels for Ohioans (but this isn’t the case in all states).