Are You Ready for Tax Season?

Are You Ready for Tax Season?

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A lot of you have been calling in asking about tax forms! Some of the federal forms have started to trickle in, but no instruction booklets, local or state forms have arrived yet. Keep in mind, anything the library receives will be set out as it arrives. You may want to check with us to make sure we have the forms you need before coming in.

It is still a few days until the IRS will accept paper filing. With the government shutdown happening last year, the IRS postponed the start of tax season until January 31.  But, unfortunately for procrastinators, this does not mean the tax deadline will be any later! It is set by statute to be April 15 every year.

While there is no benefit to paper filing before the start of tax season, some online tax filing software are accepting tax returns now, and holding them until January 31.

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