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Accessible Travel

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Image of Washington DC at nightThinking of traveling? The UAPL has many resources on planning a trip in the United States and abroad, including some for travelers with disabilities. If you’re staying in the United States or traveling with a U.S. company, be aware of your rights from the Americans with Disabilities Act. Next, plan your trip with these resources:

First, check out these helpful websites:

  • Mobility International USA provides the National Clearinghouse on Disability and Exchange, which includes a great deal of information for travelers with cognitive, hearing, learning, mental health, physical, systemic, vision, and other disabilities. There is advice on international exchange programs and finding funding, as well as tipsheets for travelers.
  • Society for Accessible Travel & Hospitality contains information for travelers with mobility, sensory, and non-apparent disabilities, and has worked with travel agents to raise awareness about accessible travel - some information is a bit dated, as the most recent update is from 2012.
  • Rick Steve’s Europe: Travelers with Disabilities gives specific advice on traveling in Europe with a wheelchair, and suggests tour groups that are accessible.
  • MossRehab Accessible Travel Resources provides tips and helpful links to car and van rental companies, and hotels and motels in the U.S. and abroad.
  • Department of State: Traveling with Disabilities has information on preparing for a trip, including enrolling in the STEP program, and links to different government resources on flying or cruising with disabilities.

Candy Harrington has written several accessible travel guides which are available at the UAPL. She also blogs for Frommer’s, in addition to publishing at her own blog, Barrier Free Travels.

To find recent and reliable information on accessible travel, check out our National Newspapers database, which will let you search the travel sections of many newspapers around the country. Remember to enter your library card number to access UAPL’s premium resources. Here are some examples:

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