Youth Service Rules and Safety Procedures

Safety of visiting children is of great importance to UAPL. The responsibility for the safety and behavior of children rests with the parents and not library personnel. Therefore, the following measures and procedures have been implemented to ensure a safe, enjoyable experience at our libraries.


Children ages birth through 6 years must have a parent/adult caregiver in the immediate vicinity of the child. An exception is made for library-sponsored events not requiring parental involvement. Children must be attended promptly after the program is over. The assigned caregiver should be at least 14 years of age and know contact information in case of an emergency.

Children ages 7-9 must have a parent/adult caregiver in the library with them, though do not need to be in the immediate vicinity. The assigned caregiver should be at least 14 years of age and know contact information in case of an emergency. If a parent/caregiver is unable to be located within 10 minutes of a child needing their assistance, the police will be contacted.

Children ages 10-17 may use the library on their own, however parents are still responsible for the behavior of their children. Children with inappropriate or disruptive behavior will be asked to leave the library. If a child is unable to leave the library without an adult, they should not be in the library alone. All children should have the contact information of someone who could assist them in the case of an emergency.


Children ages 12 and under who do not have transportation when the library is closed will be asked for the telephone number or a parent or caregiver who can pick them up. Staff members are not permitted to drive a child home. Under normal circumstances (not emergency closings) library staff will use their discretion in determining how long to stay with a child. We will attempt to stay with children under the age of 12 for 15 minutes. If a parent/caregiver has not arrived at that time, staff will contact the police department.


If a child is injured at the library and no parent is present, appropriate emergency services (police/medical) will be contacted and library staff will make every attempt to contact the parent/caregiver. If the parent/caregiver is present, emergency medical assistance will be offered, if appropriate. Staff members will complete a report of the incident as soon as possible for our records.


The library will contact the parent/caregiver of a child ages birth to 9 years-old without adequate supervision when:

  1. There is concern for the health or safety of a child.
  2. The child is frightened.
  3. The child is disturbing other patrons or staff.

The library staff will ask children ages 10-17 to leave the library when:

  1. The child is disturbing patrons and staff with excessive noise, inappropriate language, horseplay, or the inability to correct any behavior a staff member has deemed inappropriate.
  2. The library will contact parents of children ages 10-17 when a pattern of inappropriate behavior has continued for 2+ days or in situations that endanger the well-being of other children, patrons, or staff at the library.


  1. Students/children will walk in the department.
  2. There will be on child per computer unless otherwise approved by a staff member.
  3. Groups will be seated at tables.
  4. No rough play!
  5. Language must be appropriate for preschoolers who share the room.
  6. Noise will be kept at a reasonable level for those doing homework.
  7. Students/children will listen to all requests by library staff.
  8. If behavior is unacceptable students will be given one warning. If the behavior continues the student(s) will be asked to leave for the day and may call for a ride home.


Children may use computers throughout the library but must have a library card number and pin to use the internet computers. We will not give out pin/card numbers to minors without parent/guardian consent.


Children and adults using internet computers in the library must bring their own headphones. The preschool game-only computers located in the youth department will have headphones for check-out at the youth desk and require a physical library card to use them. These will only be given to children who are using these particular computers and are headphones that are intended for young children.


The Youth Department has DS systems and games available for check-out to be used only in the Youth Department. In order to check one out a patron has to have a physical library card. Each card can have up to 2 games and 2 DS systems checked out at a time. Each child playing is allowed to switch his/her game only once per day. Any child playing a DS is to stay in the youth department at all times and should never leave the DS unattended while checked out.


The youth department allows children to use the phones at the desk when they need to call for a ride.


All of our internet computers have access to printers and children are allowed to print up to 5 pages of black and white, school related, materials per day. This includes homework, research, test prep, and images. Color copies are also available at the patron's expense and are 50¢ a page.