Teacher Collections

What are Teacher Collections?

Are you a teacher or homeschooler looking for unit materials? Do you have, or are you eligible for, a Teacher Card? Then Teacher Collections are for you!

Staff in the Youth Department will collect up to 30 items on the subject(s) of your choice for your classroom, Preschool through 12th grade. You can either submit a request online, in person, or over the phone to either of our locations: Tremont 486-9621 or Lane Road Branch 459-0273.

In order to serve you better, please note the following guidelines:

  • Staff require 5 days to gather your materials.
  • Your collection will be available for pick-up 5 days after the day of your request. If you would like to have your collection available on a later date please set a future date below.
  • Requests may be placed up to two weeks in advance.
  • Your collection will be held at the circulation department with the reserves for 3 days. You will find your collection on the “Teacher Collection” reserve shelf near the alphabetized holds.
  • You may place one collection at a time, and as soon as the first is picked up we can start working on another.
  • Any number of subjects may be requested for a collection, but the total number of books in a collection will be 30 books or less.
  • We would be happy to include up to 5 specific titles.
  • Seasonal/Holiday items are limited to 5 items and are subject to availability.
  • Online Teacher Collection requests are available at Lane and Tremont only.

Online Request Form


Staff require 5 days to gather your materials. You can establish a later pick-up date here, up to two weeks advance.
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You can request up to 5 specific titles

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