Media Services: About Us

Media Services: (614) 486-9621
Manager: Shahin Shoar

The Media Services Department is one of the Library’s most popular areas. A wide variety of DVDs, CDs, and magazines ensures that there is something for everyone.
Our DVD collection ranges from the latest blockbusters to Academy Award winning classics. We also feature complete seasons of popular television shows, music concerts, documentaries, and foreign language films from around the world.

Downloadable Media

The Upper Arlington Public Library offers electronic content available for download by using a valid library card.  
There are thousands of book titles available in audio, EPUB and Kindle formats on our Digital Download site.  In addition, a limited number of music and movie titles are also available through this site.  

UAPL also offers free music for download through Freegal. Freegal provides access to the complete catalog of Sony music and our patrons can download two songs per week with their library card.


We offer an extensive collection of DVDs in different categories and genres. We have over 25,000 DVDs in our collection, including feature films, TV shows and documentary titles for all ages. A growing collection of over 1,500 DVDs in Blu-Ray format is also available to our patrons.


This collection contains 15,000 compact discs. You can enjoy your favorite artist and/or music in a variety of genres including Classical, Jazz, Rock, International, New Age, Soundtracks, holiday music and many more.

Magazines & Books

A variety of magazines covering music, film, television and video are available for loan.
Media Reference books cover similar subjects, with an emphasis on reviews, mediagraphies and history.

Gadget Gallery

In order for our patrons to examine and work with different eReaders and tablets, to help them decide which device suits their need better, we offer a permanent display of several eReaders & Tablets in the Media department.


We are pleased to offer our patrons additional materials and services, including:

  • One-to-One, by appointment, eBooks and basic computer instruction sessions
  • Computers, including two Mac computers with scanners
  • B/W & Color Printer
  • Adobe Creative Suite, MS Office, Resume writing software
  • Language instruction CDs & DVDs
  • Preloaded, circulating eReaders
  • A typewriter