Listening to E-Audiobooks in Your Car

Listening to E-Audiobooks in Your Car

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Did you know that you can check out electronic audiobooks (e-Audiobooks) through The Upper Arlington Public Library services' Hoopla and Overdrive?

You can use these services through your mobile devices (smartphones or tablets) via their apps, and then connect your mobile device to your car and listen while you travel or commute.

Both Hoopla and OverDrive allow you to download the e-Audiobook using the app on your phone or tablet. This allows you to listen even when you are not connected to the Internet, and it also means you will not use your data plan. Make sure you are connected to wifi before you start downloading.

Now that you know something about our audiobooks and services you can check them out through, you are probably asking: “how do I play them through my car’s speakers?”

Answer A - Bluetooth Enabled Navigation/Entertainment System

car navigation system, car entertainment system

If you have a newer car with Bluetooth enabled Navigation/Entertainment system installed in the dashboard of your car, you most likely have made calls or played music through your car from your smartphone or tablet. All you have to do now is open the OverDrive or Hoopla app and start playing the e-Audiobook you have borrowed.
If you have not used bluetooth to connected your phone or tablet to your car, consult the owner’s manual for you car and follow instructions to get your device connected.

Answer B - FM Transmitter

car fm transmitter

If you do not have a navigation/entertainment system in your car, another option for connecting your device to your car stereo is an FM transmitter. There are many brands, and their prices can range from $10 to $50. The FM transmitter powers from the cigarette lighter outlet, and then it connects to your smartphone or tablet via the headphone port (3.5mm audio output). The connection to the car is done via the FM transmitter part, and you have to tune your car radio to the FM frequency you set on the transmitter device. All these FM transmitter vary slightly on setup instructions, but the end goal is the same, sound plays from your smartphone/tablet from your car speakers through the FM transmitter.

There are many other ways to directly connect a smartphone or tablet to a car. If you research online, you could find a third-party auxiliary audio connectors specifically for your car radio, or you could install a new car stereo system with an auxiliary audio port or USB port that will recognize the smartphone or tablet.