Holiday Humor

Holiday Humor

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Working in the Media Services department, I have spent a lot of time recently helping people find their favorite holiday movies. Many of them (Christmas Vacation, Elf) are comedies and that got me thinking about humorous holiday stories. Many favorites are light-hearted, but I couldn't think of any that were actual comedies.

Luckily, our eBook collection has several stories that combine “Ho, Ho, Ho” with “Ha, Ha, Ha.” Check out these titles:

  • Festivus: the Holiday for the Rest of Us - a complete guide to George Constanza's favorite holiday, including it's history, food & drink and songs.
  • Santa Responds - Santa's letters to kids are full of straight talk, and a little snark.
  • Santa Retires - After a nice vacation, Santa decides he's ready for hang up his red and white hat.

Happy Reading!