Elementary, my dear Watson

Elementary, my dear Watson

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Monday began the third installment of the BBC's impeccable update of the master detective (and one of my favorite shows): Sherlock.

Though the show adds modern language and setting to Arthur Conan Doyle's stories, their popularity is nothing new. Sherlock is the most portrayed literary figure in history in film and TV.

This popularity isn't limited to the screen, there have been numerous adaptations and continuations of Sherlock's adventures, and with his recent entrance into the public domain, this will only increase.

The following three eBooks feature Holmes going in directions that Doyle never dreamed.

  • The Game, features Sherlock aided by his wife, Mary Russell
  • Success Secrets of Sherlock Holmes, reveals the traits that made Sherlock successful, and helps you cultivate them, as well.
  • In No Place Like Holmes, Griffin is sent to live with his uncle, who happens to live at 221A Baker Street.

Happy Reading.