Adult Recommendations

Burning Bright by Nick Petrie

The last thing Peter Ash expected to do while hiking in the redwood forests of Northern California was scramble up a tree after running into a grizzly. Once up the tree, he finds a climbing rope tied to a branch high above him. While the grizzly chomps on the contents of his backpack, Peter moves through a series of climbing ropes that lead him to a hanging platform—with a woman on it. June Cassidy is a woman on the run who narrowly escaped from an attempted kidnapping. 

A war veteran inflicted with post-traumatic stress and all-around nice guy, Peter decides to help her elude her pursuers. While they employ evasive maneuvers, their lives depend on them figuring out why these men want June so badly. Settle in for an entertaining thriller with plot twists and strong, likable characters in this second novel in the series.

Lily and the Octopus by Steven Rowley

Edward ‘Ted’ Flask is in crisis. A relationship has ended and he seems to be in a downward spiral that feels out of control. Ted feels lost, abandoned, and betrayed. The one thing he does trust without reservation is Lily. She never judges, never complains, and loves him unconditionally. Lily is a dachshund. It is the love and faith they have in each other that give Ted strength. But when Lily is beset by what Ted refers to as the “octopus” he finds himself desperately trying to save the one thing he thinks can save him.

Anyone who has ever loved and lost a pet will understand and relate to Lily and the Octopus. But fair warning, keep a box of tissues nearby; they will be needed.

The Dry by Jane Harper

Luke lied. You lied. Be at the funeral.” With those words, Aaron Falk is recalled to the town he abandoned twenty years before. Kiewarra is a literal and figurative powderkeg: the worst drought in decades has turned the landscape into kindling waiting for a spark, and turned the desperate townspeople into a mob waiting for an excuse.

Aaron just might be that excuse: he and his father were driven out when he was a teen, accused of the murder of a local girl. Few in Kiewarra have forgotten the incident, or the slender alibi that saved his life—provided by his best friend, Luke.

The same man who may have executed his entire family before killing himself.

The Dry is a taut, brooding debut from Aussie journalist Jane Harper. Her next book lands in the US and UK in 2018.