Adult Recommendations

The Chemist by Stephenie Meyer

Juliana “Jules” Fortis, a.k.a. the Chemist, is the premier chemical interrogation researcher/specialist at a government agency so secret it has no name. Somewhere along the line the agency decided her boss, Dr. Barnaby, and she had become liabilities. While they succeeded in killing Barnaby, Jules escaped and went on the run. After several unsuccessful run-ins with agents sent to eliminate her, her former handler offers her a quid pro quo deal—if she takes one last job for her ex-employers, they’ll leave her alone. If she knew something before that made her a target, the information she acquires with this job puts her in even more danger. Fast-paced and thoroughly engrossing, this tautly plotted novel with a fierce and fascinating new heroine delivers.

The Good Goodbye by Carla Buckley

The first thing you should know is that everyone lies.
The second thing is that it matters.” 

Before the first chapter even begins, this statement establishes the premise for a tragic story of how secrets, lies, and misunderstandings, mixed with bad decisions, can alter lives in a split second.

The author uses the three main characters, Natalie Falcone, her daughter, Arden, and Arden's cousin and best friend, Rory, to tell the story. The narrative bounces back and forth from one to the other as more and more is revealed about Arden and Rory and their relationship with each other and their families. The happy facade of two cousins who are closer than sisters crumbles and like a jigsaw puzzle, the pieces begin to fall into place with a more complicated family picture emerging.

There can be no perfect ending to the story of the Falcones. It's a heartwrenching journey where not everyone can be saved and there are lessons to be learned by those who are. Lies are destructive and no matter how you justify them, in the end, they can destroy lives. This book is difficult to put down.

Theories of International Politics and Zombies by Daniel W. Drezner

With tongue firmly in cheek, Drezner, a professor of international studies at Tufts University, uses the popular interest in zombies to illuminate four major theories in international political science. Referencing writers from Max Brooks to Jared Diamond and Francis Fukuyama, and films from Dead Snow to Dead Alive, this brief, entertaining book will interest zombie enthusiasts and political newbies alike. If you’ve ever wondered about the difference between a neocon and a constructivist, or tried to figure out what “realpolitik” actually means, you owe it to yourself to give this light-hearted introduction a try.