Women's March

Women's March

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                  Image: Grandma Gatewood's Hiking Shoes          

                 March is Women's History Month

Grandma Gatewood's Walk  The Inspiring Story of the Woman Who Saved the Appalachian Trail by Ben Montgomery.

Cheryl Strayed take note!  The first woman to hike the Appalachian Trail alone was a 67 year-old grandmother from Gallipolis,Ohio.  Emma Gatewood had a rocky home life. In 1955 she took off alone in a pair of Keds tennis shoes.  Carrying a plastic shower curtain and an old army blanket she became a pioneer of what is now called ultra-light hiking. Two thousand plus miles later she was a celebrity.  “Grandma” Gatewood made appearances on the Today Show and You Bet Your Life with Groucho Marx. She kept on walking. She walked the Appalachian Trail two more times and helped to found Ohio's Buckeye Trail.  Women are still following in her footsteps and making history nearly sixty years later.  Now that spring has officially arrived, I think a walk is order!

The Grandma Gatewood Memorial Trail runs from Ash Cave to Old Man's Cave in Hocking Hills.  The Buckeye Trail Association celebrates with an annual Grandma Gatewood hike.


  • The Scarlet Sisters: Sex, Suffrage, and Scandal in the Gilded Age by Myra MacPherson. Two Ohio-born sisters shake things up.
  •  Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail by Cheryl Strayed.  The story of Cheryl Strayed's 1,100 mile hike of self-discovery on the Pacific Crest Trail.  Wild, the movie, starring Reese Witherspoon is set to be released sometime in 2014.
  • Grandma Gatewood Documentary in the works. An Ohio group is trying to raise money for a documentary to honor the 60th anniversary next year.  I could see Judi Dench or Meryl Streep taking home an Oscar as Grandma!
  • Women's History Month