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Written by Published on Wed, 01/06/2016 - 4:04pm

What happens when toys experience snow for the first time?  Find out when you join Stingray, Buffalo and Rubber Ball on their journey outside for some winter fun.   For ages 3 and up.  

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Written by Published on Wed, 12/23/2015 - 12:42pm

Bruce is a grumpy old bear that lives alone and likes to eat eggs.  He finds a nest in the woods and when the eggs suddenly hatch, Bruce finds himself with goslings that are convinced he is their mother.  Rollicking fun for ages 3 and up.

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Written by Published on Thu, 12/17/2015 - 6:29pm

Fifth grader Tamaya is a good student and always follows the rules. She feels lucky to attend the Woodbridge Academy and loves school. Marshall is her older neighbor who she has been walking to and from school with along the same route for years…that is until the day Marshall heads towards the off-limits woods next to the school to avoid Chad Wilson the school bully. Tamaya doesn't want to follow, but she knows she's not permitted to take the long walk home alone so she decides to walk into the woods after him. Both Tamaya and Marshall quickly find themselves in trouble: Tamaya begins slipping and landing in the strange looking fuzzy brown mud, and then Chad shows up in the woods to fight Marshall. Tamaya ends up throwing that same mud in Chad's face and they get away, but that's when the real trouble begins. When Tamaya wakes the next morning she finds that she has a terrible rash and as the school day goes on it gets worse. Then Tamaya hears that Chad never made it home the night before and that he is missing and she remembers all that mud she threw in his face. Tamaya decides to head into the woods after him. Little does she, or the town, know that the fuzzy mud will end up becoming a national story that involves Senate committee hearings, a bioengineer, and the CDC. Just what is going on with all that mud?  

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