It's Time for Winter Fun! Elves, Faeries, Apps, and More!

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Winter Magic is upon us! And with the glistening snow, shiny icicles, and one of a kind snowflakes come wonderful books filled with magic! So get ready to curl up by a roaring fire, sip some hot cocoa, and fall into a magical tale about Elves, Faeries, Winter Fairytales, and Holiday Fun! (Links open in a new window)

And for some online fun check out the Website (and App) where you can upload your picture and turn yourself into an elf!

Elf Your Self APP

Books about Elves, Faeries, Winter Fairytales, and Holiday Fun!

Book Cover for Me, My Elf, and I by Swain    Book Cover for The Runes of Elfland by Froud    Book Cover for Lord of the Rings by Tolkien    Book Cover for Don't Expect Magic by McCullough     Book Cover for Winter's Child by Dokey     Book Cover for Shayla Witherwood by Torero     Book Cover for Bones of Fairies by Simner    Book Cover for Frost by Delsol    Book Cover for Let It Snow by Green, Johnson, and Myracle     Book Cover for Dash and Lily's Book of Dares by Cohn     Book Cover for Decked with Holly by Bates     Book Cover for Winter's Kiss       

Happy Winter Reading!