General Election 2013 Results

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Find out how Central Ohioans, the rest of the state and the country voted on November 5, 2013.

  • Franklin County Election Results - The Columbus Dispatch has all of the results for the races in Franklin County. You can also see how the rest of the state voted in their local elections.
  • Election results around the USA - This article from USA Today highlights some interesting and important results from local and state elections around the country.
  • Ohio School Tax Issues – Upper Arlington Schools and Columbus City Schools both had levies on the ballot; UA Schools were successful in getting theirs passed, while the Columbus City Schools levy was rejected. See how the rest of the school levies in Ohio fared.
  • School Funding Viewpoints– The school levies on the ballot were debated around communities leading up to Election Day. For some interesting viewpoints on school funding in the US, check out this link to the topic page on Gale’s Opposing Viewpoints, one of UAPL’s premium resources. (Note: You will need your library card number to access this source.)
  • Franklin County Board of Elections - For all Franklin County, Ohio residents, this is the source for all your voting information needs. Use this site to find out information about 2014 elections.