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Blue Light Emitting Diodes

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Have you noticed the increasing number of LEDs around? You may not realize it but they are everywhere now – your smartphone, your television and your white LED light bulbs. Do you want to know more about them?

One of the leading researchers in solid state lighting is Shuji Nakamura, the scientist who won the 2014 Nobel Prize for developing a method to simply and cheaply produce blue LEDs. Mr. Nakamura himself has written a technical article that provides an overview to the topic in the database Access Science. It is titled “ Blue Lasers”. Another article titled “ Blue LEDs Win Nobel Prize in Physics” written by Grant Wood, tells the tale of the invention of blue light emitting diodes. The Upper Arlington Public Library has a subscription to the database that has both articles. You may click on the titles above to read the articles and you may click on the logo below to search other science-related topics. Remember to enter your library card number and PIN if you are accessing this resource from home.

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Retirement Resources (Part 4) How Will I Stay Healthy?

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How will I stay healthy and active in retirement?

The library has the following resources to help you maintain vigor and health throughout your retirement years. They contain a wealth of tips to help you achieve your best physical and mental health during retirement.

I would like to dedicate this series of articles on retirement to Harold Ferguson who retired from the Upper Arlington Public Library this month. He has been a welcoming presence at the Circulation Desk for many years. He has earned a fulfilling, healthful and comfortable retirement.


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