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In the Mood for Fermented Mare's Milk?

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Spring is finally here and Summer is quickly approaching. Are you ready to start planning your next vacation? This is a great opportunity to dig into CultureGrams, our online database that allows you to explore every state in the US, every province in Canada, and even every country in the world. 

  • The World Edition lets you choose any country to explore and gives you various statistics, recipes, slideshows, and fun facts, (which is where I learned a popular summer drink in Kazakhstan is fermented mare's milk). You can even hear each country's national anthem, view maps, and access a currency converter.
  • The Kids Edition is similar to the World Edition, but is tailored more for younger learners. Kids can learn that herdsmen in Djibouti wear a traditional wraparound skirt called a ma'awees, view a timeline of Swedish history dating back to AD 800's, and read what a typical day is like for kids in Samoa.
  • Not planning to leave the country? Check out the States Edition. You can get recipes popular in each state, learn about pro sports teams across the United States, and even access a distance calculator to find out how many miles separate any two cities in the country.
  • Lastly you can visit our neighbors to the north in the Canadian Provinces Edition. Learn about the Crow and Wolf clans from Yukon, find out what the Sugar Shacks in Quebec have to do with the making of maple syrup, and get details on the Black Gold Rush in Alberta.

Have fun exploring our database and learning more about the world we live in!

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IRS Tax Audits

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Gale Encyclopedia of Everyday LawProbably the last thing you want to think about now that April 15 has passed is income taxes.  But have you ever wondered what it would be like to be audited by the IRS?  What do they ask you and just how do they select who they will audit? If you have, then read the article titled Taxes – IRS Audits that can be found in the Gale Virtual Reference Library available to you from the library’s database page.