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Puppy Love

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We love our pets. From the puppy Super Bowl and the Westminster Kennel Club that make us smile on dreary winter days, to grumpy cats on YouTube who have their own agents, our pets own our hearts, our time and our attention.

If you’re interested in learning more about our animal companions, the Upper Arlington Public Library has engaging and informative resources for you. Here are just a few:

  • For an authoritative overview on the domestication of dogs and cats, see the article ‘Dogs and Cats’ in the database Grzimek’s Animal Life Encyclopedia.
  • From the Science Reference Center, in the magazine Scholastic Math, read the article ‘We *Heart* Pets’ and then take the quiz on pet ownership in the USA.  
  • From the National Geographic Virtual Library database, enjoy ‘Mix, Match and Morph: How to Build a Dog’.                                   

UA News Index - Trivia Questions

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Have you ever been sitting with friends over coffee or riding in the car with the grandkids when a burning question about Upper Arlington came up? Perhaps you’ve wondered:

  • What wildlife artist was recruited in 1993 to create a lithograph of the UAHS mascot the Golden Bear? 
  • Who was the mayor in 1988? 
  • When was the renovation of the Tremont Center completed? 
  • How long has the Chef-O-Nette been in business? 
  • Who were The Royal Order of Balloon Blower Uppers?
  • Who were the Golden Mustangs?
  • Is there a Frank Lloyd Wright home in Upper Arlington?
  • How many pancakes could the pancake machine make in one hour?
  • Who was the Ohio Bicentennial Poet Laureate? He wrote a poem about Upper Arlington. What was the name of the poem?

The UA News Index will lead you to the articles in the Upper Arlington News that answer these and many other questions about the recent past in UA. Bev Rhodes and the staff of the Reference Department have been consistently indexing articles from the UA News for several years. They have completed the years 1988 through 2013. Think local and check out this database on the library’s website!