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Net Neutrality

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Where do you stand on net neutrality? It’s a major issue of our time. The White House and the FCC support net neutrality but Senator Ted Cruz has called it “Obamacare for the Internet”. To brush up on all sides of the debate go to these excellent databases. Along with decisive points of view, you will find primary sources, pro and con argumentsessaysauthoritative magazine articles, both historical and up-to-the-minute, important speeches, interviews with key players, videos, and biographies.

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Pre-Winter Car Repairs

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Having car troubles? Learn more about repairs in two of our databases. Both contain step by step instructions for doing basic and advanced repairs. If you aren’t up to doing the repairs yourself, both also include a labor estimating tool, so you can find out how many hours a repair will take at the manufacturer or at an auto mechanic. Both also include helpful information on bulletins and recalls issued from the manufacturer.

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