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Autumn Bicycle Touring

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If you love to cycle, autumn is an amazing time of year to do so in central Ohio.  With cooler temperatures, gorgeous fall foliage as well as fun and fascinating group rides, it may be the best time of year for bikingImage - Two bicyclists riding through autumn foliage

The library has a few databases that might add even more interest to your ride. 

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The Blood Moon

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In the U.S., Canada, and Central America we will be able to view a supermoon lunar eclipse (also called a blood moon because of its color) later this month.  In our area the event will begin at 8:11 pm on September 27 and end at 1:22 am on September 28 with the maximum viewing time being 10:47 pm.  It is the fourth in a tetrad of eclipses this year.  

To learn more about lunar eclipses you may want to read the following articles found in the library’s online resouces:     Image - NASA view of lunar eclipse

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