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Foreign Language Magazines

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Keep your foreign language skills up to date with the following magazines:






The most recent six months of each magazine title can be found downstairs in the Tremont Road Branch's Reference Department. EBooks are available through our Zinio online service. 


Banned Books Week

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Banned Books WeekWe’re in the middle of Banned Books Week, so this is a great time to ponder your freedom to read. You can find out what the most frequently challenged books from 2014 were, and consider what it means to ban a book. Do the reasons people give for challenging these books justify removing them from the public eye? Are there times when it really would be better to make certain materials difficult (or impossible) for children to access? What about teenagers? Who gets to decide what is (and isn’t) offensive?

Happily, we have many resources to help you examine controversial issues, so you can challenge your own beliefs. Search “banned books” in our databases to examine the reasons people give for their points of view, and see if they stand up to scrutiny: