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Write a Poem

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Mary Oliver Rules for the DanceCelebrate National Poetry Month by writing some verse! Check out our new creative writing subject guide for resources and inspiration for improving and publishing your poetry (or novels or short stories). Be sure to check out other handy guides and references, such as:

If you’re in grades K-12, don’t forget about the Youth Poetry Contest!

Fix Your Own Car!

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Auto Repair Reference CenterWish you knew how to change a tire? We have two databases that can help!

The Auto Repair Reference Center starts you from scratch - learn how different car components function with Auto IQ and read through basic maintenance guides and instructions for buying and owning a car with Care and Repair Tips. To find illustrated repair instructions for your particular car, enter your make, year, and model. From here, you can get an estimate for how many hours a repair should take if you pay someone to do it, and you can learn how to accomplish specific repairs yourself, like changing a headlight bulb.

The Chilton Auto Repair Manuals also let you look up your specific car, with detailed instructions on how to conduct a repair. Especially handy is the AccessMyLibrary app, which will allow you to get repair information from Chilton on an Android phone from the side of the road.

Safe driving!