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Drones for Recreation

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Drone (Toy) aloft with bright blue sky and faint image of the moon in background

Drones for recreational use are becoming very popular

If you own a small drone you could, until recently, fly it with very few restrictions.  But as drone use has increased and the ability to fly higher has improved, so have reports of problems.  The government has found it necessary to impose restrictions for safety’s sake.

In mid-October the FAA announced that all drones weighing more than 0.55 pounds (8.8 ounces / 249 grams) in a flight-ready state (with batteries, cameras, and everything else attached) will have to be registered with the FAA.

Registration began December 21.  To register you must be a US citizen over age 13.  If you register during the first month (until January 20, 2016) the $5.00 registration fee will be either waived or refunded.  You will be assigned a registration number that you must mark on the drone in a legible way.  If you do not register you will be subject to a monetary penalty.

To complete your online registration click here.

After you register you may want to learn more by viewing the following websites:

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Get Your Legal Life in Order

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Legal Forms logoLegal forms aren’t exactly a pleasant topic, but they are nice to have ready during an emergency. The UAPL offers access to Legal Forms, a database of Ohio legal forms, which you can search for fill-in-the-blank forms on a variety of legal topics. Whether you want to create a power of attorney, a will, an estate, or file for bankruptcy, or even find a sample letter that you could send to an employer, attorney, or landlord, Legal Forms can help. Be sure to check out our other legal resources too, including recommended websites.

Of course, the Reference Department is not qualified to give legal advice, so if you have any questions about these or any other legal topic, please contact an attorney. You can find local attorneys through the Columbus Bar Association or with the Martindale-Hubbell Lawyer Locator, or you can take a look at our copy of the Best Lawyers in America. Finally, you can find out if an attorney has been disciplined or suspended before you contact him or her, with the Supreme Court of Ohio’s Attorney Information Search.