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Resources for Buying a New Car

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Consumer Reports Logo imageAre you thinking of getting a new car? The UAPL subscribes to several online resources to help you with your research:

  • Consumer Reports has up to date reviews and ratings of cars, and is accessible for free online with your library card
  • The Chilton Auto Repair Manuals have recall information on new cars, so you can find bulletins and recall notices before you buy. Chilton can also help you fix your car down the road, with detailed diagrams and repair instructions
  • If you’re trading a car in, you can price your car with the NADA guides - we have the latest issue at the Reference Desk. Online, you can check out the Kelley Blue Book website
  • The Edmunds website has pricing information, including the average price paid for a car in your area
  • Just in case you're looking for insurance too, Weiss has a Consumer Guide to Automobile Insurance, and it gives banks and credit unions ratings for financial strength

Be sure to check out our print resources too, including the Consumer Collection in the Reference Department - we have several titles on purchasing a new car, including:

Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Glaciers & Mountains -- Oh My

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The world is such an adventurous and mysterious place.  Why not whet your appetite for adventure and the unknown by checking out some of the resources here at the UAPL Reference Department?  Here are some excellent resources on some of the Earth's most striking characteristics: earthquakes, volcanoes, glaciers and mountains.

Reference Books:

  • Encyclopedia of Earthquakes and Volcanoes - Includes a chronology of earthquake and volcanic eruptions, eye witness accounts, and entries on history's deadliest earthquakes and volcanoes.
  • Glaciers - Learn about the birth and decay of glaciers, different glacier families, and what it's like to live and travel on glaiciers.
  • The Mountain Encyclopedia - Includes information on the world's highest mountain peaks and volcanoes as well as the 50 tallest mountaintops in America.

Reference Databases:

Access Science - Learn about the characteristics of earthquakes, volcanic landforms and emmissions, the classification of glaciers, and the properties and evolution of mountain systems.

Facts on File Science Online - Check out these articles on historical earthquake disasters, volcanoes and volcanic hazards, the formation and movement of glaciers, and North American geology, including descriptions of the Appalachian and Rocky mountains. 

Gale Encyclopedia of Science - Here you can find online encyclopedia entries for earthquakes, volcanoes, glaciers, and mountains.