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Easing the Stress of Car Ownership

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Public domain photo of rusted carI recently spent a morning on the side of the road waiting for a tow truck to take my car to the shop, only to find that my transmission had died and would cost more than the car's value to replace. This was just one of the many reminders I've gotten in my lifetime that sometimes it can be very stressful to own a car. Then when I went to a dealership to purchase a new car (preferably one with a functioning transmission), I remembered that car shopping can also be a stressful experience. So, dear patrons, to save you from similar anxiety I would like to share some of our many resources to make vehicle ownership more pleasant.

  • If you already own a car and would like to keep it in excellent, safe running condition, browse through our non-fiction books on car maintenance
  • Is your car having some troubles that you'd like to try to troubleshoot or fix on your own? Check out our Chilton Auto Repair Manuals database to view information on repairs, maintenance, and recalls for your specific vehicle.
  • Maybe, like me, you've decided it's time to purchase a new vehicle. Take a look at Consumer Reports to research cars, read reviews, and find recent relevant articles on car-buying.
  • Maybe your trouble isn't with your car at all, but you need information on your lawnmower, boat, motorcycle, tractor, chainsaw, or other smaller machine. Visit our Small Engine Repair Reference Center for maintenance and repair tips.

I hope you'll find these resources as helpful as I have in reducing the stresses of car ownership. Have fun and be safe on the road!

Opera 101

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Oxford Music Online

Opera is an awesome spectacle that has bankrupt kings. This over-the-top entertainment may seem inaccessible to beginners, but we’ve got several online and print resources that can help get you started.

Don’t forget to check out the Metropolitan Opera broadcasts every Saturday, drop by our Media Department for opera CDs, and be sure to put next month’s UAPL opera program on your calendar!