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Find Your Next Favorite Book

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Looking for a new favorite book or author? Check out some of our literature databases!

Artemis logo imageArtemis Literary Sources - find information on literature from all over the world, or discover new authors and works through the advanced search feature:

  1. Click the preceding link, or go to, select “Research” and “Databases” and scroll down to “Artemis Literary Sources”
  2. Click on “Advanced Search”
  3. Select either “Person Search” to find authors, or “Work Search” to find a literary work.
  4. Either way, scroll down past the search bar to the “Limit Results” area.
  5. If you picked “Person Search,” you can search by the author’s background, including their occupation, literary movement, place of birth, and much more. Search by “Genre” and “Subject/Theme” to limit to just mysteries on absurdity, for example. If you “browse” for a genre, be sure to hit “Submit” after selecting your choice.
  6. If you picked “Work Search,” search for a work based on the original language it was published in, or the author’s background. Select a time period that interests you, or a preferred material type, like poetry.
  7. Click search at the bottom of the page when you’ve made your selections.
  8. Click on an author or work to learn more about that person or work - next, on the top right, select a “Content Type” to narrow the results.

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Novelist K-8 Plus and Novelist Plus - get fiction and nonfiction reading recommendations based on your favorite books and authors. Don’t forget to check out the “Recommended Reading Lists” to find the top mysteries of 2013, or the best classic westerns.

  1. Click one of the preceding links, or go to, select “Research” and “Databases” and scroll down to “Novelist K-8 Plus” or “Novelist Plus.”
  2. Search for your favorite author or book, and select it from the results list.
  3. On the right hand side, “Read-alikes” will be displayed
  4. If you scroll down to the bottom of the page where it says “Search for More”, you can check boxes related to the genre, subject, tone, and more, and search for similar books, for example, fantasy books about the Napoleonic Wars.

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Check the UAPL catalog to find any of these works and authors in the library - if we don’t have a title you want, consider making a purchase suggestion, or request an  Interlibrary Loan.

What if it's not in Consumer Reports?

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What if Consumer Reports doesn’t have reviews or buying guides for a product or service you are looking for? The Reference Department has several additional resources that you may find helpful. Remember to enter your library card number and PIN to access UAPL’s premium resources from home.

  • Weiss Financial Ratings Online has financial ratings for banks, credit unions, and more, but it also has helpful Consumer Guides about topics from Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage to Automobile Insurance.
  • James Dulley’s $ensible Home has information on everything from metal roofing to home security systems, and great advice on saving money around the house. General information is available from home, but the Update Bulletins can only be accessed at a UAPL branch. As he is an engineer, the bulletins are extremely detailed and informative.

If these resources don’t have the information you’re looking for, please stop by the Reference Department - we have also have Consumers Digest, and the Columbus Monthly Best Doctors and Best Dentists issues available. We’d be happy to guide you through our Consumer Collection, with information on buying a home, hearing aids, and much more!

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