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Find the Answer on the Go with Reference Apps

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A quick Google search on your device may give you an answer to your question, but is it a good answer? For accurate answers from reliable sources, try some of our Reference Apps. These apps can be used to access many of UAPL’s subscription databases wherever you are. Explore a wide variety of information when you aren’t at home:

  • Find out how much an antique or collectible is worth with Price it! on AccessMyLibrary
  • No luck on your fishing trip? Discover new techniques with the Hobbies and Crafts Reference Center from EBSCOhost
  • Look up residential phone numbers or addresses on ReferenceUSA

Sometimes portable information is especially helpful: the Mango Languages app will allow you to learn a new language at your convenience.

Remember you can always text questions to the Reference Department, too! We’re happy to find the information you need:

  1. Text UAPLREF to 66746
  2. When you get a text back, reply with your question

Standard message and data rates may apply. Check out the Privacy Notice too.

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National Geographic Kids

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Check out our latest database - National Geographic Kids features a wonderful collection of books and images published by National Geographic Kids, as well as issues of the magazine! Prepare for the Geography Bee, read about animal behavior, learn more about dinosaurs, and learn Weird but True! facts (the most overdue library book was 288 years late! - see page 12). Although it’s designed for children, everyone can enjoy pictures of adorable animals, like those found in the articles below:

  • Summers, B. F.The 20 Cutest Animals Of All Time.” National Geographic Kids Aug. 2010: 20+.National Geographic Kids. Web.
  • Rini, Jen. “20 Cute Animals.” National Geographic Kids Nov. 2011: 22+. National Geographic Kids. Web.​
  • Olesin, Kate. “20 Cute Animals.” National Geographic Kids Sept. 2013: 16+. National Geographic Kids. Web.

Remember to enter your library card number to access UAPL’s premium resources.